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Monday, August 2, 2010

Day #591 - Right Perspective

My first major task today was to get copies made of some of the house plans, then drop off some edits at the Architect so she could get started on them as soon as she got in to work. While I did those things, Doc went out to breakfast. Then he stopped at the grocery store. He entered the store by one door and exited by a second one. (Increasing his Penny Finding potential). As he returned to the van, he spotted a penny. It was embedded. Fortunately we have all sorts of tools in the van as we are fixing up the Duarte rental unit. So Doc grabbed a screwdriver and a hammer. With one blow he had his penny. (Coin #1). Just need the Right Perspective (or Angle of Attack).


Doc and I headed out for our 10 AM meeting with the our City Project Planner. Steve had agreed to meet with us at the counter to review our package before we made the official second submittal. He was very nice and said our package looked good to go. We just needed that one page of edits from the architect.

Doc and I headed home, but stopped to make color copies of the report we were submitting. Then we went to the office supply store for a new Flashdrive. As you’ll recall last week my Penny Finders flashdrive fell apart - several times! We found a penny at a closed check out station, then another one under the row of shopping carts. It was not visible from the normal direction a person would approach the carts. The Right Perspective is important. (Coins #2&3).


At 1:30 the Architect called to say our printouts were ready. We picked those up, then came home to review them and to assemble EIGHT sets of plans!

By 3:00 we were back at the City and submitted our package. The ball is now in their court and they have 30 days to respond.

On the way home Doc just had to drive past the property. It’s still there J


We were driving down a main street and headed for the freeway. We were stopped at a red light and I looked out the window. I saw a quarter on the storm drain! Doc only saw some damaged concrete out there. Having the Right Perspective is important.

The signal turned green, so Doc made a turn into an apartment complex parking lot so I could run back. I looked around the storm drain. The concrete area was approximately 2 ft. by 6 ft. I couldn’t spot anything. No way. It could not have disappeared. I was wondering what the Opposite of Mushroom Coin would be? I walked back and forth over the little area. Was about to leave, when I spotted the quarter. (Coin #4) It was so obvious. I just needed the Right Perspective.

Thought: Does that work for fundamental life principles as well? You can look and look for an answer. Once you see it you wonder how could you have NOT seen it when it is was so obvious?

Doc and I traveled the few miles on the freeway, then were stopped by a red light at the end of the off ramp. Doc looked to his left and spotted a penny. (Coin #5)

Total: 5 Coins P (4), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = 29¢

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