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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day #618 - Deadlines Approaching

Only two more days until all three of our current major projects are “due”. The condo is to be rent-ready, I am to be cleared out of my office at school, and we are to have our official package submitted to the City for the new house. We were sure scrambling today.

This morning Doc and Sparky went to McDonalds for breakfast. They returned with calorie-ladened food and one penny. (Coin #1).

I did a few things on the plans for the new house, then we worked intensely at the condo. We built and painted a fence, moved some plants, did touch-up interior work, cleaned, etc.

At one point we were installing adhesive paper on the lower kitchen cabinets. We had removed the top drawer to gain lighting in the dark recessed corner and I had slowly wiggled and inched my way so that my upper torso was wedged pretty tightly into that cabinet. Doc was handing me tools through the 4” drawer opening. We were laughing at these new “kinky” moves. Doc had to gently pull me back out since I had no traction and no way to easily get out of there. I suppose he could have used the WD-40 which was sitting nearby. Good thing we have our physical therapy appointment this week to help straighten out those kinks!


At 8:30 as we were leaving the condo I realized we had not been to a Home Depot today! Wow! Too busy working to go off shopping. Also too busy to have gone Penny Finding. So Doc suggested we go to Ralphs grocery store before we got on the freeway.

We entered the grocery store. I didn’t spot any coins at the check out area. Doc said “there are 3 pennies in that change counting machine”. I had looked all around the base of that machine, but looked again. I still didn’t see them. Doc pointed - they were in the return chute just sitting there! And two were stuck together, so there were actually 4 pennies there. (Coins #2-5) Doc had planned to maybe get some food, but the lines were too long, so we were leaving. Doc spotted a solo penny right in the middle of an aisle! (Coin #6). We were both hungry and couldn’t resist looking at the deli aisle. No one was there and the chicken was pretty old, so it was discounted. Plus, the attendant said we could pay right there and avoid the long check out lines. Doc took a bag of chicken and I got some red cabbage salad and soup. Plus there was a nickel on the ground by the register! (Coin #7). Happy campers.

Total: 7 Coins P (6), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.11

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