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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day #596 - Cracks Pay

We did manage to make it to the rental unit a little earlier today. Lots of progress.

We moved things into the garage and out on the patio before the carpet layers arrived at 8:30. The linoleum guy arrived at 9. After an hour of being underfoot of the installers, Doc and I headed out to do errands. Our first stop was at the Arco station for petrol. Doc spotted one penny before getting out of the van. Three pennies in different places around the gas pumps. (Coins #1-3).

We drove to Pasadena to copy some blueprints. Very few places are open on a Saturday to do that. A really nice young guy helped us. He plans to attend Cal Poly Pomona for Civil Engineering! Another “Coincidence”? So he got a Penny Card AND a Business Card J Oh yes, what triggered that dialogue was the penny we found on the floor there (Coin #4).

2:30 Home Depot Trip #2. Penny in the parking lot as we were carting our new toilets to the van. (Coin #5)

3:30 At the condo I was wandering around looking at the conditions of nearby units. Doc came searching for me and found a penny in the alley. (Coin #6)

6:30 Delivering a check on the way home. Stopped at a red light where the sign said “No Turn on Red”. So Doc did a visual search out his window then hopped out to rescue a very battered penny. (Coin #7)

7:00 Lowe’s Home Improvement for a bathroom sink, faucet and one penny. (Coin #8)

I was telling the Angels that is was unusual to get a streak of eight pennies and no other coins.

7:15 Doc drove through the Kentucky Fried Chicken for his dinner. I hopped out to hunt. Found a quarter and two pennies in various cement cracks. (#9-11)

Humorous thought: Cracks Pay (versus Crack Pays).

9:45 Stater Bros. Grocery shopping One penny (Coin #12)

Total: 12 Coins P (11), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = 36¢

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