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Monday, August 23, 2010

Day #612 - Shifting Gears

This morning Doc stopped for Starbucks coffee. Didn’t see coins there, so I ran next door to the taco place drive through and grabbed a penny and a dime. (Coins #1& 2) Whew! Done for the day. Right?

We got to the rental condo and quickly unloaded all the gear. Took the huge bathroom mirror to a glass shop for cutting. Just trying to get it into the van was an ordeal - let alone the drive to and from the shop, then carrying the piece upstairs in the condo, then installing it.

Controlled and Even movements - a skill I am learning on several levels.


Our next task was to get items out of the garage for the waste company to pick them up tomorrow. We were moving the toilets aside (yucky) when Doc said, “There is a nickel in the filth”. I didn’t believe him. He pointed it out to me and I still didn’t see it. Finally he picked it up. OK. Now I see it. (Coin #3)

This evening around 7 PM we finally called it quits and headed for our daily pilgrimage to Home Depot. Doc was determined to find a coin. He found a penny at the closed check out line of the Garden Department. I found one a few minutes later at a soda vending machine. (Coins #4&5).


New House Stuff: At 5 PM (while in the middle of hanging the mirror), Doc’s cell phone rang. It was our City Project Planner. We now have the “go ahead” to submit our plans for Round #2 of approvals. We are scheduled for the September 14th Design Review Committee meeting. We have until the end of the month to get our drawings (20 sets) and a few other items submitted. Time to shift into a different gear!



Trivial Stuff: At 1:30 AM this morning as I was going to bed, I heard strange noises from down the street. Sounded like a car hoist, chains, and 3 guys using tools. I looked out my upstairs window to see 3 figures working on a vehicle. Remember that Neighborhood Watch Map I was working on last month? I used it. Called the gal who owned the house there - Yes at 1:30 in the morning. Woke her up! She called her dad (who is also her neighbor) to check outside. I went outside too. I tried to stay in the shadows to determine if those were neighbors working on their car or if I should call the police. The guys saw me and let me know “Everything is OK here”. Sure! I believe that. Frank must have called police because two squad cars arrived within a few minutes. I could hear conversation and then the cars left, so I presumed things were OK. Also, the 3 guys were working on the car again this morning when I left the house.

Reminder to be a good neighbor and watch for unusual things.


Funny Stuff:

This evening around 9:30 PM I thought I heard a scratch on my front door. My first reaction was, “The dogs don’t scratch on the door, they have their own doggie door to go out to the yard. What was that?” I opened the door and Norman (my Dachshund and problem child) came marching in! He must of gotten out when I was unloading the gear from the van.

Nice to know that Shelton Shelter is an OK place after all. Guess our troublesome child realized that this evening!

Total: 5 Coins P (3), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = $0.18

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