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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day #599 - Right or Wrong?

I woke up at the cabin to hear the sound of the van driving away … Doc and Nicholas had “snuck off” for Starbucks coffee and Penny Finding before the rest of us woke up. They returned after collecting one penny at Starbucks, one penny with tar in the parking lot of the movie theatre and one penny at the Rite Aid pharmacy. (Coins #1-3).

Nick also discovered two raccoons beside the stream in town.


By 10:30 we had packed the van and were headed down the mountain. Everyone was trying to keep Ashley focused and “grounded”. We made it to the base of the mountain without incident and pulled into Starbucks for a stretch break. I spotted a Sit-N-Find penny in a dirt planter before I opened the car door. Ashley and Brandon found a beautiful shiny shield penny under the drive through window as we walked past it. Then Nicholas found a second penny in the planter right where I had found the first one! (Coins #4-6).

We planned to stop at Corky’s for lunch, but Doc just could not resist “going the extra mile” and driving past our new house lot in Deer Creek to show the kids. Doc got off the freeway and turned Right. That was NOT the way to the restaurant. Doc was “Wrong!” But was he? We discussed how Doc had a different goal, so his turn was “Right”. The kids and I had a goal to get to the restaurant, Uncle Doc had a goal to drive past the lot. His turn was a “choice”. It was neither “right nor wrong”.

Lesson: Different choices lead to different destinations.


After the detour we were turning left into the shopping center. Doc said, “There’s a Penny”! He opened his door, reached out, and collected HIS penny. (Coin #7). He can be quite the gymnast when he’s got Penny Fever! Median Find.

We returned our precious cargo to their mom at 1:28 PM - just making our 1:30 Check In time. We sure maximized every minute of our excursion.


This afternoon we returned home to find numerous emails and calls waiting for us. Geez! We were only gone 48 hours! At one point I had both the cabinet guy and the plumber on the phone simultaneously and was trying to coordinate their efforts. Doc was laughing at the conversation I was having with the two guys as I was saying “OK, Left Phone agrees to so-and-so, does Right Phone agree to that?”

Looks like it is “back to reality”.

Total: 7 Pennies

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