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Monday, January 3, 2011

Day #745 - Stuck

Doc’s van has been sounding strange since before Christmas, so today we took it in to the shop. Of course it was noises the whole way to the shop, but then ceased when the mechanic was looking at it. The van is spending the night ’in hospital” as our Aussie friends would say.

After that task, Doc needed a consolatory cup of coffee, so we stopped at a grocery store with a Starbucks inside. Doc got his coffee, I got a penny. (Coin #1).

At the next shopping center, I made a deposit at the bank while Doc walked the parking lot and the CVS Pharmacy for two pennies. (Coins #2&3).

The day was spent in a whirlwind of emails and phone calls for the new house.

This evening I went to the office supply store for Neon stickers to put on the Construction plans. (To designate the “official” sets). Doc wanted more steps, so we walked next door to the CVS Pharmacy. One penny as we walked in, then a second penny by the register. (Coins #4&5). Doc spotted several pennies between the coin counting kiosk and the wall. He used an umbrella to scootch them forward, but couldn’t quite get them. So he called me. Yucky! A ‘wad’ of 5 pennies all stuck together with who-knows-what? (Coins #6-10). All in a day’s work when you are a serious Penny Finder! (Or when you have Penny Fever)!

Thought: The five pennies stuck together as a team made it more difficult for a predator (Doc) to “capture” them. Who do YOU stick with to help you withstand attacks?

Total: 10 Coins 10 Pennies

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