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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day #755 - Breathing Fire

This morning we worked through the loan numbers with the Financing Agent. Sure enough! They left out a factor. Oops! That “little miscalculation” on their part will be costly to Doc and I. I will have to work for nearly one month at my job to pay for that extra cost! Not fair. Seems to me they should simply make the correction and eliminate that charge. They said in order to make that correction we would need to “resubmit our file” which will take another 2-3 weeks of processing! So it boils down to the simple realization that the bank can promise you anything they want as far as rates or timelines, and then at the very end, totally renege on what they said.

When I complained, I was essentially told, “There are only two banks currently issuing construction loans, so you really don’t have much choice.”

This Dragon Lady is breathing fire tonight!


This afternoon I met with a rep at a cabinet shop. We spent 1.5 hours going over my ideas for the kitchen cabinets. I left him a bit overwhelmed, but he assured me he would try to find ways to accomplish the ideas.

I shared with him about Penny Tales, then found a dime on the way to my truck. (Coin #1) Of course, I ran back to the shop to show him the coin.


Tonight I am frustrated and therefore just doing some year-end bookkeeping to get things readied for tax time. Also moving furniture to get things back in order from the holidays and blow off steam.


Funny Story- Repair work is still being done at the Duarte Townhouse. Maybe one more week on that project. I was told by workers that the heater was not functioning. It sounded like it was trying to come on, but could not. We called for the repairman who installed the system 1.5 years ago. He was planning to check the system tomorrow. Doc described what was (or more accurately was not) happening with the system. Leonard was able to diagnose the situation from the comfort of his home - he suggested we call the gas company and have the service turned on! Duh! LOL.


Email reminder from a friend today:

When you are down to nothing ... 
God is up to something.

Total: 1 Dime

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