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Monday, January 17, 2011

Day #759 - Good Karma

Many businesses (like the banks) were closed today due to the Martin Luther King Holiday. There was no progress on THAT aspect of the house. I did a little design work. Tried to figure out how I will take the doors off my current closet (which measure 4.5 ft wide x 6’8”) and move them onto the new closet opening which measures 7 ft. wide by 8 ft. high.

Doc does not like all this thought put into the minute details of the house. So mid-morning he and Sparky escaped for a McDonald’s senior coffee. Came back within a few minutes with a dime and 4 pennies in hand (Coins #1-5).

I realize I have been pouring time and energy into the new house and some other projects for the past few weeks. The spiritual side of things was getting ignored. Tonight I carved out time for a session entitled “A Course on Miracles”. I left the house at 6 PM thinking, “I’ll stop at a 7-11 store on the way to class to get today’s coin”. I stopped, but did not see any coins. The cashier and I had spoken once before. He asked if I had found a penny today. I replied, “No. I was planning on finding one here, but I don’t see any.” Mahinda (who is from India) shared his dream of teaching meditation techniques to people. Interesting. It was a very brief conversation because I needed to leave for class. I took one more look under the counter for a penny. There was one! I had to get down on hands and knees and reach about 18” under the counter, but I got it! And as I was withdrawing my arm, there was suddenly another penny!

Mahinda and I both laughed at the two found coins. Shared JOY! Mahinda exclaimed: “GOOD KARMA!”

Lesson: It’s not always simple or “dignified” to “go for your goal”, Do It Anyway!

Lesson: When you get over the fear, embarrassment, the “I can’t arguments”, you really CAN.

Lesson: Sometimes you get MORE than you expected.

As I walked toward the door of the learning center, I thought: “Glad I got those two pennies at the first stop, because this place is tiny and doesn’t really deal with cash very much. Therefore the odds of finding today’s penny here would be really, really small”.

I walked in the center and on the shelf in front of me was a penny just calling to me. I asked the person at the counter why that penny would be in such a strange place. He had no answers and said it must be intended for me!

Thought: The Angels like to play against impossible odds.

Total: 8 Coins P (7), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.17

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