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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day #761 - Power Meeting

This morning we had a meeting at the construction site with Stan, our electrical contractor, Daryl, and two representatives from the power company. One was the rep I had met before, but he is handing our job over to a new person. When we began our house design, the electrical box was planned for the North side, but then we explored placing it on the South, but then back to the North, then back to the South. As of today, it is on the North! Any bets as to where it finally lands?

On the way to our “power meeting” we stopped at Starbucks. Doc got coffee and I walked the lot. There was a car at the drive up window of the Chick-fil-A. I said, “Penny Angels, move that car” and it drove away! I quickly dove for any coins I could find. As I walked back to the van, I counted: 4 pennies, a dime, a nickel and 2 quarters! Hit for the Cycle! Good start to the day. (Coins #1-8)

There was one car at the Carl’s Jr. window and Doc had not yet returned to the van, so I said, “Penny Angels, move that car” and it moved! I dove in for 3 pennies and another dime. (Coins #9-12).

We went to Home Depot to investigate LED vs. Halogen light fixtures. Then we stopped for dog food. One penny there (Coin #13).


This afternoon was our bi-weekly Play Time with the kids. We went hiking and stream crossing. Four (out of six) of us emerged with dry shoes. Good to get out in nature and look at cactus, throw rocks, and listen to the rushing water.

For dinner we had a great Mexican meal. And we found a penny when entering the restaurant. (Coin #14). We realized Ashley had left her sweater in the parking lot of the Canyon, so back we drove. The boys were not happy about their wasted play time.

Next we went to a library to do some homework, then it was play time at Chuck E Cheese’s.

Doc, Ashley and I each found a token there. (Value of 25¢ each).

Total: 14 Coins P (9), N (1), D (2), Q (2) = $0.84 + 3 CEC Tokens

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