In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day #767 - Little Facets

It is slightly after midnight and my friend, Mandy just left the house. I really want right now to just bask in the glow of this day. The number 25 has been very significant for me and Penny Finders. Today was the 25th and mere words can not adequately portray the specialness of it. There was not any one particular or major thing which occurred, it was more like hundreds of seemingly tiny little “facets” which made up this incredibly sparkling “diamond” day.

It makes you wonder if every day is a “diamond day”? Perhaps we are just too frantic to take a step back and appreciate the tiny sparkles.


Let’s get the “business” part of the Penny Tale done. Doc stopped at Starbucks and went inside to get his coffee while I walked the shopping center to search for coins. I found nothing. I finally returned to Doc. He said, “Hold my coffee while I go to the bathroom”. I grudgingly stood there holding his cup - and found a penny right at the register area! (Coin #1).

We had an 8:30 meeting with a cabinet designer. John really captured what I wanted to do in the kitchen - even creating a spot for our African Violets. After about three hours, Doc couldn’t take it any more. He went outside to go Penny Finding. One penny in the parking lot and one penny at the self-serve car wash. (Coins #2&3)

Subtotal: 3 Pennies

I wrote that story and was finished … or so I thought! I now see that Doc has left a Love Note and coins on my computer. Tina: a dime at the grocery store, penny at CVS and quarter at the 99¢ Only Store. (That man has Penny Fever).

Subtotal: 3 more Coins

Total: 6 P (4), N (0), D (1), Q (1) = $0.39


Now for the Angel part of today.

My friend Mandy and I had been planning for a month to get together. We had planned to attend a workshop in Pasadena. I found out a few days ago that the class was cancelled. Mandy discovered another class elsewhere. I called yesterday to make reservations and it too had been cancelled. By mid-afternoon we still did not have any plans and it was driving me crazy. What would we DO?

I called Mandy and suggested that maybe we could take a walk in her area. (She lives in a nice area for walking compared to where we live with all the busy streets and traffic). She said, no, she would come to my house. After hanging up the phone, I said to Doc, “Great, She is coming over here in an hour. What will we do? Just sit on the sofas and stare at each other?”

I was trying to quickly clean up the house and wash the dirty dishes. The phone rang. I did not want any calls - I was trying to clean house! First it was a call regarding assistance with getting some unexpected donated items to some needy groups. That took a few calls. Then it was an update from our loan officer (stay tuned ….), then it was a realtor with whom we needed to speak, then our surveyor, then the grading guy, then the escrow agent, then….

Note: Had I gone to Mandy’s house AS I HAD PLANNED, (or to those workshops), I would have missed all those calls. I had the distinct impression that Angels were at work here. There was even more that happened, but you get the idea.

Mandy and I decided to go out for dinner, but Mandy had brought some cards along and asked if Doc or I wanted her to do a reading before we left? Doc had never before done something like this, he does not really believe much in it, and he said he was off to watch TV in his Man Cave. Mandy asked if he was sure about that? Doc has a great deal of respect for Mandy, so he courteously said, “OK, if you really want to”. It was a fascinating and eye-opening session.

Next, it was my turn for a reading. I excused Doc to go to his Man Cave, but he wanted to stay! For the next 45 minutes Mandy kept seeing one “vision” after another. Much of the time was in “dialogue” with my Penny Angel (whom she saw as an older, married, overweight, balding gentleman) who had some interesting comments. (I have many pages of notes written). My brain, of course, was full of questions and arguments with this whole situation.

Mandy and I went off to dinner, then returned to the house. We sat on the sofas for several hours not really DOING ANYTHING, but BEING and discussing topics as the “nudgings” led us. This “spiritual workout” was similarly strenuous and challenging to a “physical workout”. It’s supposed to be good for you!

Lesson: It is very challenging to just BE and not DO

There is so much to learn beyond the trivial day-to-day things we perceive as “our reality”.

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