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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day #747 - Think Bigger

This morning and early afternoon Doc went to school while I prepared things for tomorrow’s on-site meeting. The late afternoon was spent with the kids for our bi-weekly play date.

We picked up the kids at 4 PM and since Jump ‘n Jammin’ reduces their rates at 5 PM, we had a few minutes “on hold”. We headed to the mall, put on pedometers and set a goal for steps and coins. We also did time on the big Center Court Merry-Go-Round. No coins were found.

At Jump ‘n Jammin’ we were at the register paying and taking off our shoes when Brandon said, “There is a penny on the floor right here in the middle of all of us!” Sure glad it wasn’t a snake! (Coin #1)

We had dinner in the mall. Three kids each wanting food from a different station. As they were eating, I went to fetch a water cup and found a nickel, dime, and quarter! (Coins #2-4). “Hit for the Cycle”. Brandon said, “We just need a dollar”. He was thinking bigger than a penny. We found one more penny on the way to the car. (Coin #5)

Our next stop was the library. There was a penny at the photocopier, then one at the check out counter. (Coins #6&7) . We worked on homework, read and had one-on-one walks and talks. Nick and I walked a nearby residential area and found a penny on the sidewalk! (Coin #8) Reminder - You can’t find Pennies in the Dark.

Doc and I returned our playmates at 8:40 and then headed to Trader Joe’s grocery. We found one penny there. (Coin #9). As we were headed back to the car, Doc looked in a newspaper stand and called out “Tina come look at this!” There were 4 quarters in the return chute! There was the dollar Brandon requested. (Coins #10-13).

Next we shopped at Home Depot. A Penny Card given in exchange for a found penny at the register. (Coin #14).

Lesson: Think Bigger. Why ask for 1¢ versus 100¢ ? It takes the same amount of time to ask - just more belief needed.

Total: 14 Coins P (7), N (1), D (1), Q (5) = $1.47 (7 copper and 7 silver)

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