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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day #760 - Tax Prep

Last month I was asked for some advice from someone special to me. It hurt to see them in their predicament. I offered one or two positive actions I thought they might take. I was then told to “butt out”. That hurt. I then said, “Hey God and Angels, you need to take it from here. My hands have been tied”. Today I found out that those prayers were answered in a much better way than I could have even imagined! WOW! The angels sure have more contacts and connections than I do. Awesome!


This morning Doc and Sparky went to McDonalds for breakfast. They came home with 4 pennies, 2 nickels, and a dime. (Coins #1-7)

Today at 9:30 AM I began working on tax preparations. By 4:15 PM I was burned out. Took a break for an hour. Doc took the van, I took Pippy and we headed for a car wash. Doc turned in his car, then proceeded to walk. He found 2 pennies, a nickel and a dime by the vacuum tanks. (Coins #8-11). He said he only picked up the ones on the top of the dirt pile - if I dug a little, I might find more. My turn! I kicked some dirt around and uncovered 2 dimes and 5 pennies. (Coins #12-18). I’m anxious to kick some real dirt around - from under the foundation of the new house!

While waiting for Pippy, I walked next door to the 99¢ store. I picked up 2 pennies and a dime there. (Coins #19-21). An elderly lady said, “I was going to get those when I came in, but someone was standing too close. I shared with her about Penny Tales and gave her a Penny Card as a participant in the Day #760 finds. Then, just for fun, I walked over to the self-serve car wash across the street. One dime there. (Coin #22).

I stopped for petrol on the way home and found two dimes at the station. (Coins #23&24).

Doc went to the high school to add steps to his pedometer and also up our coin count. He found lots of coins there! 14 Pennies and a Dime. Coin Mine! (Coins #25-39). Plus one more in the parking lot at the grocery store. (Coin #40)

Total: 40 Coins P (28), N (3), D (9), Q (0) = $1.33

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