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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Penny Palace Update

Today was a Kick Off meeting with the key subcontractors. Close your eyes and for a moment imagine a picture perfect day. Blue skies and snow capped mountains in the background. The sun shining through the trees. Starbucks coffee and munchies on a table plus a set of rolled up construction drawings (party favors) for each guest …

All the invited subcontractors arrived early! We began the Kick Off session a few minutes prior to the scheduled 10 AM start time. So I used those extra moments to tell them just a little bit about Penny Finders and today’s 25¢ find (so far).

We discussed the current status of the project - green lights from all the City departments. Just waiting for the bank to catch up with their paperwork and let us get started!

The guys in attendance are the ones who will be doing the project management, surveying, grading, foundation, septic tank, framing, plumbing and more. We covered the general scope of the project as well as some specifics. It was great to hear their ideas, then see them interfacing with each other. Doc kept fairly quiet during the meeting portion of the morning except to say, “Hi, I’m MR. Tina!”

There were lots of pennies found later in our day. You can read about those on today’s Day #748 Penny Tale.

The Penny Palace is becoming a reality!

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