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Friday, January 28, 2011

Day #770 - Unique Finds

Many different activities going on today plus an assortment of unique coin finds. Several of them left us wondering, “Now just how did that coin get there?” Or “How in the world did we spot that one?”

The first coin was found before we left our driveway! Yesterday we took the back seat out of the van to transport an 8 ft. ladder. This morning we were loading more gear into the van when we discovered a quarter hiding down in the seat locking channel approximately 1 inch below floor level! (Coin #1).

Doc insisted upon stopping at Starbucks before we met to interview a realtor. The drive up line was very long, so we went inside. I picked up the dime which Doc spotted under the service bar upon our arrival. (Coin #2) Then I headed out to Penny Find while Doc got his coffee.

I walked over to the Taco Bell where there was lots of trash under the window -- plus nine pennies, 3 dimes, and one quarter. Coin Mine! (Coins #3-15). There was one lonely penny next door at the Burger place (Coin #16) and Doc found a penny when leaving Starbucks. He had actually started to drive away when he spotted the coin, stopped the van, hopped out, and captured his prey. (Coin #17)

We had a good meeting with the Realtor. Told him about Penny Finders and gave him a Penny Card.

The next stop was Home Depot for yard mulch. Three pennies and one dime there. (Coins # 18-21). The dime was in a weird spot - precisely balanced on a ½” sheet of plywood 6” off the floor. Strange. Each of the three pennies was also interesting. On the third one I looked 3-4 times at that corner while we entered the garden area and while we were checking out. On the final glance, there was a penny! I asked Doc to get the penny while I finished paying the cashier. He could not see it. It was under and exhibit and partially covered with dirt. So I scooped up the penny and exclaimed to the cashier, “You are my witness for Day #770”! She had the biggest smile. So I gave her a Penny Card and an explanation. She seemed genuinely to have appreciated those few seconds of shared JOY!

Next we went to the townhouse to continue our efforts in getting it rent ready. Window cleaning, floor scrubbing, spreading mulch, etc. After a few hours Doc said he needed a Starbucks run. He went for coffee while I cleaned the toilet. He found a penny in the parking lot (Coin #22).

Then we came home to shower and deal with the emails which had been arriving all day.

Total: 22 Coins P (15), N (0), D (5), Q (2) = $1.15

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