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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day #1,290 - More

Doc's Pomona Office

More cleaning, more packing, more transporting, more unloading, more organizing, etc., etc.

This morning Doc headed out to meet son Brian for coffee in Pasadena.  I cleaned and sorted and tried to make a little headway in all this chaos.

Tina's Pomona Office

At 9:45 Doc and I met for breakfast in Glendora.  One penny at the restaurant.  (Coin #1)  We were driving separate vehicles, so Doc headed to the post office to mail the bills I had paid last night.  He found a very run-over quarter (at least we think it is).  (Coin #2)  I went to the bank.  I reached the Pomona house significantly sooner than Doc and wondered what happened to him. He detoured through the high school parking lot to search for coins.  Penny Fever.  He collected a penny and a dime.  (Coins #3&4).

Tina's Pomona Office
At the Pomona house I continued packing up stuff in my office.  Doc spent the first hour downloading photos and compiling the Penny Tale videos for the past two days.  He wanted to get caught up with those before disconnecting and transporting his computer.  Who knows if it will work at the Penny Palace?

Another Load to Transport
It took a few hours to get the van and Pippy loaded with the gear.  Then we headed back to the Penny Palace.  I think the heat and all the loading and unloading got to me.  By 4 p.m. I was no longer able to function.  With only four hours sleep last night, a nap was now essential.  Nap?  How about just the second part of last night’s rest?

At 8:30 p.m. Doc and I headed out to do this week’s grocery shopping.  We went to three stores as usual, but these were local versus the ones we have frequented for years.  I found 3 pennies at the first grocery store, none at the second store, and three quarters, two dimes, and a penny at the third store.  That was a nice welcome to the new neighborhood and good for an Attitude Adjustment. (Coins #5-13)

Total:    13  Coins        P (6), N (0), D (3), Q (4) = $1.36

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