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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day #1,317 - Nesting Games

Ancient Wheelbarrow

Making Pea Soup

Shelf Modifications

I sure did not want to work at the Pomona house again, but we needed to.  We were stopped at a red light just before we got to the freeway.  Doc (who was driving) said, “Any coins out your window?”  I said, “No.  Blob, blob, battery, trash, blob …penny!”   The light was still red, so I stashed the papers and clipboard I was holding, hopped out of the van, rescued the penny, hopped in, buckled up and was ready to proceed.  Doc rolled forward a few feet when I exclaimed, “Another penny!”  The signal was turning, so Doc made a right turn, then parked in the lot near the street.  I ran back to rescue the other penny.  (Coin #2)  Is that insane or what?  People cast aside pennies, yet we go out of our way for them.

When Doc stopped for his coffee, he also collected a penny.  (Coin #3).
Leaf Sucking

On the way to Pomona we stopped at the recycle station to drop off Household Hazardous waste (glues, paints, fluorescent bulbs, etc.) and Electronics waste.  Good to get rid of that.

At the Pomona house we offloaded the OLD wheelbarrow and put a “Free” sign on it.  Then the phone rang.  It was Iron Jimmy and he had our Lawn Shed brackets already completed!!  These were custom made brackets and yet he made them for the price we would have paid at Home Depot for the standard ones (which did not work).  Angel on Earth.  The Penny Palace is blessed with people like this.

Doc had to stop for some protein.  A dime found at the convenience store.  (Coin #4)

Planting Solar Lights
Back at the Pomona house I told Doc we could only come and go through the garage and yard since I did not want to dirty inside the house!.  We were there to work on all the sprinklers lines and the waterfall.

On the way home, we stopped for petrol.  Doc said, “”There is a coin under that car.  Keep you eyes open when it drives away.” Sure enough, there was a dime.  I picked it up, walked a few feet away, and there was a quarter!  Doc was not finished fuelling, so I kept looking.  Two more pennies were found. (Coins #5-8).

This evening Doc and I kept busy with a few projects around the Penny Palace. We offloaded the van, “planted” more of the solar lights, and assembled shelving, and modified some closet storage.  Doc thought it interesting that the shelves were designed by IKEA in Sweden, made in Russia, purchased in Southern California and modified by Doc.

The Olympic Games are underway in London, while our “Nesting Games” are going on at the Penny Palace.

Total:   8 Coins        P (5), N (0), D (2), Q (1) = $0.50

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