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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day #1,306 - Boyz Day

Late last night on the way home from the circus we dropped the Girlz at Oma’s house.  Today was Boyz Day.

Bank Appraiser
I had wanted to keep our time with the Kidz totally void of any “work” related activities.  We have put in the paperwork for our new, permanent loan and this morning was when the Bank Appraiser could squeeze in a visit out to the Penny Palace.  I told him he had one hour (or less) to complete his work.  He arrived a few minutes before 8 a.m., said hello, and began measuring.  The two boyz awoke around 8:30 a.m. and when I went inside the house, they were already helping themselves to breakfast.  They are getting so grown up and they are a delight to host.  I had left them each a package of Angry Bird Pencil Erasers at their table place settings and they were delighted.  Their sister had mentioned how the boyz had been seeking to find those erasers where they live, but had not been successful.

Angry Birds Procured

The bank appraiser left at 9 a.m. and we were ready to start our day.  Doc and Nick headed for car dealerships to look at Corvettes and Camaros.  Brandon and I stopped at the post office to mail a parcel, then proceeded to Big Lots to investigate more erasers.  As we walked from my truck into the store I looked at my watch which read 10 a.m.  I smiled and told Brandon.  This is great.  People where I used to work are busy with their job activities and, now being retired, I am spending my morning with you!  His reply was precious: “So I guess you are One Happy Bird out looking for Angry Birds!”  Yes. I am!

Knowing that Brandon likes video game arcades, I took him to the Boomers play center for a little while.  On his very first game he hit the Bonus pocket for 50 tickets.  He was hooked.  He used his entire allotment of tokens on that game.  Then he redeemed his coupons for some tiny trinkets.  We had not found any coins yet in our day, so I detoured into a 7-11 parking lot where Brandon found a penny.  (Coin #1) 
All You Can Eat Buffet

We ventured into the Pegasus Hobby Store.  Brandon was awed at the thousands and thousands of model cars, trains, boats, planes and more. There were remote vehicles of every sort.  He declared that Nicholas really must see that store as well.

We met Uncle Doc and Nicholas at noon for an all-you-can eat buffet which everyone enjoyed.

Digging for Fossils
Dinosaur Appetizer

Then we discovered the Alf Paleontology Museum in Claremont just a few miles from our Pomona house.  It is world renowned and on a private high school campus.  I had never even heard of it until today.  The boyz had been asking about man’s existence relative to dinosaurs and this museum sure answered that question.  It was a great experience.

Next the boyz wanted to go to the Bass Pro shop to explore and do some indoor shooting.  Doc found his penny there.  (Coin #2).   I was having trouble walking through the huge store and wondering why my legs should hurt so much today?  Doc quipped, “Could a walk all the way around the Lake, followed by several steep nighttime laps around the water tower possibly have anything to do with that condition?”  I had forgotten about those.

The boyz wanted to hunt for more Angry Birds. We left Doc behind so he could take a break and get some groceries.  We got more erasers and were heading home when I was ‘nudged’ to pull over and look at a large metal dinosaur on display at a garden center.  We were looking at the artwork when Uncle Doc called. He did not get the motor oil as planned - could we stop and get some?  We just happened to be parked right in front of a huge, open 24 hours a day auto supply store which I had never even noticed before!  We bought the motor oil and as we emerged from the store I said, “I have not found a coin yet today”.  Nicholas responded, “Me neither.  I’m dry”. And instantly there was a penny by his foot!  (Coin #3)

We began driving home and I started talking to the Angels: “Look.  There is one more shopping center between here and the house.  I am going to pull into there and I expect you to do your part in delivering today’s coin”.  I parked Pippy and hopped out saying “I’m dry, I’m dry”.  In the next parking stall there was a dime and a penny.  Done.  We got back into the truck and headed home.  (Coins #4&5).  Doc had found an additional penny at the grocery store. (Coin #6)

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The evening was spent cracking Macadamia nuts, ‘hanging’ together, and watching the Daddy Day Care movie Oma Karrin had given them.  Such fun.

Total:   6  Coins        P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.15

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