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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day #1,292 - 30 Year Fling

Writing to you at 2:15 a.m.    Today is Doc’s and my 30th Wedding Anniversary.  Hey, maybe today will be a good day to transport our wedding photo album from Pomona to the Penny Palace.  We often joke about our 60/40 rule.  That usually relates to food portions, but now it also means 30 years in HIS house, then 20 years in MY house.

The IRS allows for extensions when people are not prepared to file their taxes on time.  Can I request an extension on our Anniversary?  I am not prepared for it.  Let’s just plan to celebrate it with all of you on October 13&14 when we have the Penny Palace Open House.


This morning we had a few phone calls to make before heading out to our meeting with a loan officer.  Before we even got onto the freeway, Doc needed to make a ‘comfort’ stop at McDonalds.  I found a dirt penny in the flower bed and he found one when exiting the building.  (2 Pennies).

We found a credit union who was willing to give us the going rate despite our loans on the rentals.  The rep said to allow 30-45 minutes to fill out the paperwork.  He was superfast at it, but it still took an hour and 45 minutes.  He said we were not his average customer.  No kidding!  In school Average = a ‘C’ grade.  I can’t imagine striving to be average.  I always planned to excel and earn ‘A’s.

Doc and I had worked up an appetite reading all the fine print and correcting the loan rep when he made clerical errors or miscalculated things.  So we stopped for lunch at Honey’s Diner.  That was our big 30th Anniversary Celebration.  Then we worked at the Pomona house for an hour before I took my mom to the dentist.  She needs three teeth pulled, three crowns, and a bridge to hold it all together.  Thousands of dollars of work and zero way to pay for it.  It made me grateful that Doc and I have dental coverage from our jobs so that we won’t be in a similar situation as we age.

Doc and I arrived home and unpacked some of the stuff. 

We were expecting someone to come by the house for a delivery at 7 p.m., then Doc and I were going to have dinner and a glass of wine.  I was trying to tidy the house a bit.  Doc said he would help out by getting that new chlorine “floaty” off the dining room table and into operation.  He inserted the tablets then hurled the device into the pond.  We both had a good laugh when I exclaimed!  “Honey - that was our Anniversary Fling!”

By 8:30 our guest had not yet arrived and I was getting hungry. I called her.  She would be another hour yet.  That did not make me too excited.  When she arrived of course I had to show her around the Penny Palace.  I mentioned it was Doc and my 30th Anniversary today.  With a wistful look she shared that she and her husband would have had their 15th Anniversary in two weeks.  She was looking forward to a lifetime with him and their three children.  Not too long ago she awoke to find him gasping next to her.  A few hours later he was dead.  Talk about an Attitude Adjustment!

Total:    2 Pennies

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