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Friday, July 13, 2012

Day #1,302 - Girlz Day

Kidz Week is passing way too quickly.  Niece Ashley says we should have about 20 stay over nights instead of only six.

Bathtub Testing

This morning we had a leisurely breakfast then the girls did some bathtub testing.  They were the first guests to use that Garden Bathtub.  Jaime found a penny on the floor in the guest room under her pile of clothes.  That meant the Penny Angels were here and we were off to a good start.

At noon we headed out to the post office then to Chuck E. Cheese’s for an hour of play time.  I found two tokens there.  Do those count as coin finds?  The girlz had 91 tickets to redeem and wanted a little blue plastic necklace for 100 points. I was prepared to pay the additional 9 cents, but the attendant gave them the necklace - plus a second one!  JOY is found in little things.

We had lunch at In-N-Out burgers where we found one penny.  Then we walked over to the bank and found two more pennies.  Now we each had one.  (Coins #1-3).

Doc was back at the house watching TV and napping with intervals of foraging.  He collected a penny during his lunch run to Jack’s.  (Doc Coin #1)

A Wheel to Take Home
The girls and I next went to the engineering design firm where I discovered the awesome teak wagon wheels.  Everyone who sees those really likes them.  Yesterday Greg and Val were no exception.  They thought our two wheels might go nicely at their new ranch.  So today I went to see if any wheels remained.  There were five remaining.  Greg’s birthday is in a few weeks, so it will be a great surprise when he finds this little 54” wheel in his yard.  LOL.  I’m am hoping his wheel will bring as much joy to his family and neighbors as our wheels have done here.
Painting Fruit Basket

Dinner was at the Penny Palace:  Egg Flower Soup, Chicken Chow Mein, and Rainbow Salad.  Yummy.

Puzzle Time
After dinner we headed out on the town - after all it is Friday night!  The bottled water and brothy soup must have gone straight through Jamie and she needed to make a potty stop only a few minutes from home.  While waiting for us, Doc collected a quarter!  (Doc Coin #2).

We visited Big Lots discount store with intentions to buy 12 dinner plates which I had seen for sale weeks ago.  Taking Doc along is worse than taking the kids!  He bought the whole box with the dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls and cups!   We also collected one penny there (Coin #4)

At last Ashley got her request to go to Starbucks today.  The two girls were sitting in the plaza patio with Uncle Doc acting like ladies of leisure and enjoying their vanilla steamers.

We were back home by 9:15 to check in with parents and get into pajamas.  Then Uncle Doc “volunteered” to watch a movie (Dinosaurs) with them.  He graciously said that would give me a little time to wash dishes, write Penny Tales, check emails, pack for the cabin, prepare food etc.  I asked how many times he was going to watch the movie in order for me to complete all those?

Total:    6  Coins        P (5), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = $0.30

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