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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day #1,293 - Celebration

CELEBRATION!  Not for the Country’s Birthday, but because we reached a Major Milestone:  I got everything out of MY room at the Pomona house.  That in itself should raise our “move out” percent by five points.  Now maybe we are at 70% moved out.

This morning Doc went out for breakfast with his two sons and grandson.  After breakfast they went to Starbucks for coffee and a penny.  (Doc Coin #1).
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Meanwhile I worked on loan documents, dishes, research, cleaning, etc.

By Noon it was time to head to the Pomona house.  Doc insisted upon stopping for coffee - after all it had been 3 hours since his last one.  We collected a dime and two pennies there.  (Coins #1-3).  One of the pennies was right next to Doc's door upon his return to the van.

Our next stop was at the office supply store where Doc got what he needed for his computer and I found a nickel.  (Coin #4)

At the Pomona house I set a goal to get one pile of stuff conquered within the first hour.  I made that goal.  Then I set a goal to clean out the dregs in my office.  That took every bit of fortitude I could muster.  I wanted to do anything else but face that Stuff!  I just kept saying over and over out loud: “As soon as this room is empty I can go home…”  After three hours the floor was clear and the piles were by the house door and ready for transport.

It was 5:45 so Doc and I stopped for a counter meal before heading home.  Also stopped at a grocery store to look for a gift.  Did not find anything appropriate except two pennies.  (Coins #5-6)

Shelf Assembly

Doc and I were both tired and Doc really just wanted to watch the July 4th shows on his new TV.  He agreed to at least help me assemble one corner shelving unit so I could make a little progress in putting things away in my office.  Doc planned to just leave all the stuff in the van until the morning.

Mailbox Decoratin

I needed a break, so I created a new display on the mailbox shelf out at the street.  A picnic basket with tablecloth, glasses, plates, etc.

A while later Doc carried in an armful of stuff in from the van, then another load, then another.  Wow!  Neither one of us wanted to begin tomorrow with a van load of Stuff to deal with.  So while the TV was playing patriotic music, we marched back and forth from the van.  By the end of the three hour National Celebration, we had all the Stuff inside the house (and sprawled in my office as well as below and around Doc’s new TV).

Total:    7  Coins        P (5), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = $0.20

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