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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day #1,318 - Screwing Around

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest … but that would be boring.  Instead we spent time goofing off and screwing around.

Screwing Kitchen Hook
Doc FINALLY finished installing the clothing hook in the Master Bath.  He tried using a longer 2” screw, but it still did not grab into the wood.  I suggested using those plastic hollow wall anchors - they worked.  He said, “That was easy and it worked!  Why didn’t we do this sooner?”   Yes, Dear.  I suggested it a few weeks ago.  Maybe you should LISTEN to me sooner?  LOL

Motivated by his success in the bathroom, Doc moved to the kitchen where he screwed in a decorative hook for the hanging fruit basket.  Then we moved to my office where he screwed some of the shelving supports.  We were laughing saying that he could just continue screwing his way around the house one room at a time today ….

Meanwhile I was trying to get MY work done - paying bills, dealing with rental property issues, writing Penny Tales, unpacking at least one box, etc.

Trash Night
At 3:30 p.m. we headed out to the Pomona house.  Doc found a very runover median dime as we exited the freeway. We stopped at the bank, post office, and my mom‘s house for some salsa she had made for us.  It was 100 degrees out and I did not feel like working outside at the Pomona house.  I found my missing dinner forks - in the dishwasher there!  Nice find.  We took out the garbage cans and tidied up.

Our usual Sunday night three-stop grocery shopping tour did not yield any coins at the first two stops.  I was getting a little nervous. Found a dime at the third stop.  Then Doc found a quarter at the newspaper stand.  I found a dime inside the store, then said “Thanks Angels.  That is WAY more than a penny, but this is PENNY Tales.”  I immediately found a Penny.  Manifesting.

Tonight more of the Olympics are on TV.  I normally don’t watch any TV, but the performances do tempt me to at least turn my head as I am passing through the room where Doc is parked.  If I sit down, I might get hooked and would not want to continue unpacking and cleaning as I should be doing.  The Penny Palace Open House is merely two months away….

Total:   5 Coins        P (1), N (0), D (3), Q (1) = $0.56

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