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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day #1,304 - Cabin Hikes

We had breakfast at the cabin and then everyone (except Tina) wanted to go to Starbucks before going to Lake Gregory to play.  Doc said we needed to find a coin early in the day, so he pulled through a gas station / convenience store.  Brandon and I quickly looked inside the store finding no coins.  Doc and the other three kids drove around the back of the station and found a nickel!  (Coin #1)

Waterslide Fun
As we were walking into the grocery store (to get to the Starbucks).  Nick found a penny.  (Coin #2).  After coffees, three of us walked around in the parking lot and found a crack penny.  (Coin #3).

Finally it was time to drive over to the lake.  We only planned to be there for two hours, but the three older kidz were having such a great time on the waterslide.  The boyz went through the chute at least 8 times before they said the lines were getting too long.  Ashley kept on going.  Jamie and I sought shelter in the shade.
McDonalds for Lunch and Coins

By 1 p.m. tummies were hungry.  The boyz wanted lunch at the Chinese restaurant, but it was closed.  I was outvoted 5 to1 on where to go for lunch.  They voted McDonalds!  I got one penny there, Jamie two, and Brandon a dime.  (Coins #4-7).

Walk Around the Lake
Back to the cabin for games such as Upwords, Jenga and Uno, puzzles and table tennis challenges. 

In the late afternoon we did a walk around the Lake.  Ashley found a huge dead catfish.  I found a dime.  (Coin #8).  Jaime and Uncle Doc meanwhile went to the grocery store where they collected one dime and three pennies (Coins #9-12) plus two lbs. of grapes (totally devoured before dinner).

The evening was spent at the cabin.  Meatballs and pasta for dinner, games, and then a private nighttime walk with each kid.

At 10 p.m. there were Angel Stories in the loft for bedtime readings.  Life is Good.

Total:   12  Coins        P (8), N (1), D (3), Q (0) = $0.43

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