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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day #1,320 - Adios Job

My official date for retirement from Cal Poly Pomona was June 30.  One goal for July was to get over to campus and “check out”.  Just like my students, I waited until the very last day to complete my assignment.

Turning in Keys
My “JOB related” portion of the day began at 11:45 a.m. when Doc and I met with a co-worker for lunch.  The waitress asked which table I wanted.  “That one across the room with the penny under it”.  (Coin #1).

Doc and I were on campus by 1 p.m. and for the next few hours I scrambled to turn in my keys, turn in my computer, sign out, change my contact info, etc.

At one point I was headed to meet JR who is also a Penny Finder and reader of Penny Tales.  I said, “Angels, I really must find at least one coin on my way to see him.  Please make it on his turf just to irritate him a little!”  As I dashed past the first bank of vending machines (my old stomping grounds), I didn’t find any coins.  I was going to head into the building, but was nudged to quickly check the second bank of vending machines.  I spotted a coin.  Yipee!  It was a dime.  When I retrieved it, there was a second dime within reach.  As I turned to leave, there was a nickel.  Total: 25¢.  My favorite number!  (Coins #2-4).
Wind Tunnel Models

At 3 p.m. I met Doc for our time in the solar car closet.  We spent the next three hours sorting through some of the memorabilia from our raycing days.  What to do with all the photos, trophies, awards, banners, posters, wind tunnel models, etc.?

Doc found a much run over penny in the handicap spot where he parked.  (Coin #5)

By 6 p.m. Doc and I were tired and somewhat discouraged at not knowing how to deal with all these precious items.  We quit for the day.  We stopped at a grocery store on the way home.  Doc said, “We need a quarter to hit for the Cycle”.  He found a Chuck E. Cheese’s token.  (It’s value is 25¢, but it is not a recognized form of international and official currency).  So close.   I found a penny.  (Coin #6)

Doc just HAD to stop for a coffee.  I wanted to go home.  I found zero coins around or in the convenience store.  I walked over to the closed car wash and found a nickel. Doc spotted a penny.  Then I found a dirt penny, then another penny.  We were laughing.  Mushroom coins! I turned around and there was a penny in the mud-filled crack in the concrete.  Then Doc found one as well.  As we walked back to the van there was a dime.  Eight coins at that stop.  (Coins #7-14).

Tonight I emptied my work satchel, vacuumed it out, and packed it away.  Haven’t used it in the past two years and don’t expect to use it again.

Total:   14 Coins        P (9), N (2), D (3), Q (0) = $0.49 + a CEC token

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I just checked those machines after lunch!