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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day #1,300 - Kidz Prep

Food Prep for Kidz Week
Working with various subcontractor teams on the Penny Palace was scary, but the team arriving tomorrow is intimidating!  Four kids coming for a “Kidz Week”.

We always have a great time with the nieces and nephews.  The terrifying part is what to feed them?  How to make it tasty as well as nutritious and keep their tummies from rumbling.

This morning Doc met to “consult” (have coffee) with a colleague at the “Bad Ass” Coffee Company.  When he stepped out of his van upon arrival, he saw a dot in a parking spot - it was a penny.  (Doc #1)

At noon I headed out to run a few errands.  The first stop was a gas station.  It had been seven weeks since I fuelled Pippy and she was hungry!  Found a quarter next to the gas pump as I was washing the windows.  (Coin #1).  Next I went to the post office.  I chose to visit the small, local office versus the main  branch and was concerned that it would be busy at lunch time.  I walked in and was the only customer there!  Great service.

I asked the postal worker if I needed to use “Rancho Cucamonga” as the mailing address or if “Alta Loma” was acceptable?  (It is so much shorter and easier to spell).  She said Alta Loma is the correct City name to use!  Made my day.

Then I went for a preliminary grocery run.  Bought twice as many groceries as Doc and I usually do.

This evening at 8 p.m. I headed out to do the real grocery shopping.  Sure glad I don’t have four kids to feed every week.  That takes a lot of time to load a full cart!  I did find a dime and quarter there.  (Coins #2 & 3)

Doc found one dirt penny near the drain at the car wash, then a penny at Starbucks with his afternoon coffee.  (Doc #2 & 3)

Doc spent some time at the Pomona house packing up gear which he then transported and dumped here at the Penny Palace.

Total:    6  Coins        P (3), N (0), D (1), Q (2) = $0.63  

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