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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day #1,301 - Kidz Arrive

Removing Ramboard
This morning I awoke to find Doc pulling up the Ramboard.  He wanted to see the flooring and “get that stuff off the floor”.   Then he started moving furniture.  Then he started moving boxes and things!  It was bad enough to have the boxes all over the place, but at least I had them organized in various piles somewhat by content.   (Doc’s normal filing system).  Now he has added a secondary level of chaos, by just randomly shoving things around.   Grrrr.

Flooring Helpers
I planned to do some final cleaning, file away papers, make a few phone calls, prepare food, and catch up on writing Penny Tales before the Kidz arrived.  Doc kept asking me to assist with the things he was doing.  I didn’t think the Kidz would care if there was cardboard on the floor. 

This morning reminded me of my preparations for major events which I would organize at work.  I would try to get all my tasks completed extra early knowing that other people would be screaming at the last minute for assistance with their portion of the event.  That’s what it felt like with Doc this morning.  When I crawled into bed last night at 2:30 and he said “why do you stay up so late?”, it’s because I need to complete my tasks while he is sleeping or watching TV so that I can be his full-time assistant when he is awake!

Fresh Fruit Snack Break
At 10 a.m. Doc and I headed out.  He wanted coffee; I wanted some bell peppers and coins.  There was one penny in a crack between the sidewalk and wall of the store.  I needed a credit card to extract that one.  Cute - using a $$$ credit card to pry one cent!  There was a second penny as I walked into the store.  Then when outside again, Doc and I simultaneously shouted coin!  (Coins #1-4).

Brother Greg, his wife Val, and the four kids arrived around 2 p.m.  We spent an hour touring the house since their last visit was in November for Thanksgiving.  That big pile of rocks that was in the back yard is now a stream and pond in which to float rubber ducks.  We all had lunch together, then the parents left and we could begin Kidz Week!

Lady of Leisure
We made and sailed paper airplanes, played with the dogs, ate fresh-picked fruits, made a birthday card, watched Doc’s Big TV, played on the exercise bike and then had dinner.  After dinner the guys went out to Chuck E Cheese’s and Starbucks before stopping to check things at the Pomona house.  Then they went to Grandma Karin’s house where they are spending the next two nights.

The girls played with a storyboard, helped arrange the stones on the interior waterfall, cleaned and activated the ‘fairy’ solar lights, started a jigsaw puzzle and more.

Now if you will excuse me, I promised to sleep between the girls on the air mattress.  This should be slightly more comfortable than sleeping on the dog beds and floor last week except that this time I will likely get kicked several times during the night.

Total:    4  Coins        P (3), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.08

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