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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day #1,294 - Cleaning

Maribel Cleaning

This morning I had arranged to work with Maribel around the house.  Doc went to Starbucks (Doc #1) and then attempted to turn in the TV box from the Pomona house.  After 30 minutes of standing in line, his name had not even made it on the display screen for customers to be serviced, so he left there frustrated.  He grabbed a fried chicken lunch and headed to Cal Poly Pomona to clean out some emails - about 400 of them.

Trevor Spraying
Maribel and I made some good progress; she on house cleaning and me on putting things away.  This morning the Penny Palace also received it’s first quarterly pest control service.  The best part was that Trevor cleaned out all the cobwebs under the eaves.  We are trying to keep the house looking nice.

As soon as Maribel left I headed out to turn in batteries for recycling, make a deposit at the bank, then meet mom at the dentist.  Today was mom’s deep cleaning session before tomorrow’s oral surgery.  While she was in the dental chair, I went outside.  Two dirt pennies there in a planter.  (Coins 1&2)

Upon leaving school, Doc stopped at a convenience store for a soda.   He found a penny on the floor there.  Then a second penny right next to his van as he was backing away.  Sit-N-Find.  (Doc #2&3)

I met Doc at 4 p.m. and we ran a few errands.  Went back to the store to turn in that TV box.  After 30 minutes one guy recognized that Doc had been there earlier today and let us take a short cut in line.  J

We ran errands for a few more hours, then I came home with hopes of cleaning up and logging in the past 21 days of penny finds.

Sure grateful all my Stuff is at least somewhere here in this chaos.  This evening in writing a Thank You note, I needed a notecard (one box), paper cutter (another box), scrapbooking pens (carry case), adhesive corners (travel case), and decorative scissors (hanging near Doc’s TV in family room).  It took an hour to pull together a simple card, but it was good to be able to find everything here close at hand.  Glad we cleaned out my Pomona office. 

This is why I needed to retire - so I can do Full-time Cleaning!

Total:   5 Pennies

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JR said...

I thought final exams were the quarterly pest service.