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Monday, July 2, 2012

Day #1,291 - Glitch Work

Today more Glitches were resolved than created.  This week is bound to be better than last week.

Doc and Sparky started their day by going for a coffee and a penny.  (Coin #1)

Door Lock Fixed
At 8:15 a.m. Serviceman Breck arrived.  The first thing he did was to work on the front door latch Glitch.  Nice to be able to bring his gear into the house that way.  Then he replaced the defective window sash in the Aussie room - another Glitch.  He brought along the final window screen, but it was still too large.  Glitch.  He modified that.  Glitch corrected. Now the windows and screens should all be operating properly.

Pond Pump Modified
Landscape Eddie arrived around 8:30.  He was checking the irrigation lines, the watering times, the condition of the plants, etc.  He improved the water pump area for debris control.  Glitch minimization.  He also noted excessive algae growth (because I have not chlorinated the water as I should).  I asked where to get an automatic chlorine feeder.  Doc and I immediately obtained one on our way to the Pomona house.  Glitch Control.

By noon the two guys had left, there were no cable or phone people to deal with, and the house was momentarily quiet.  I just stopped and absorbed the silence.  It was nice.

Most of the afternoon was spent calling various lending agents and researching our refinance options.  The options were not looking promising at that point.  Potential glitches with several lenders.

At 4 p.m. we headed to the Pomona house.  We stopped for a chlorine “floater thingy” for the pond.  I needed a coin for today, so Doc pulled into a self-serve car wash.  I found a very battered and worn penny in the empty field next to the car wash.  Indicative of my condition at the end of last week.  (Coin #2)

More Incoming STUFF
Then Doc stopped at a convenience store for a beverage.  I spotted a penny about 20 ft. from the van before Doc had even stopped the engine.  When we got out of the van I pointed the coin out for Doc.  He could not see it until he was about three ft. from it.  (Coin #3)

We sorted and packed things until Doc was too hungry to work any longer.  Doc looked as exhausted as I was at the end of last week.  It’s good to take turns and not both be down at the same time.

We headed out for food.  I collected four pennies at the drive through window.  (Coins #4-7). During dinner we got a call from Cable Company Penny to continue working on our file.  It has been great to have her helping on our case.  We rushed home in order to speak with her before her 8 p.m. quitting time.  We are working toward more Glitch Resolutions with her and overcoming the myriad of previous screw ups.

Total:    7 Pennies

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