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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day #1,315 - Meet the Neighbors

This morning Doc made his requisite stop for coffee.  I looked carefully around the check out area three times for any wayward pennies.  Saw none.  I shared briefly with the cashier about something Penny Finding related. She mentioned that she had visited my cute website.  Instantly I spotted a penny!  As I bent to retrieve it, there was a second penny and then a nickel!  (Coins #1-3).  As Doc and I walked out of the store, we each found a dirt penny as well.  (Coins #4&5)

Doc insisted upon stopping at a 99¢ store for some bleach to pour in the back yard streams (at both houses).  I was not excited about the detour.  As we walked in, I spotted a penny in check-out lane #1.  The line was long, but I took note to check out using that lane.  I grabbed four quick items, put them in my basket, and headed to Lane #1.  There was no one there and the penny was waiting for me.  Doc was nowhere to be found.  I searched for him and then found him in check out Lane #4.  I told him he could stay there, but I was going back to Lane #1 to claim that penny!

Wallpaper Work
By now, quite a number of people were in the check-out line.  I watched anxiously as the customers ahead of me walked over the poor forlorn penny.  I had my $5 cash noticeably in hand to make my purchse quickly.  The man ahead of me was buying ONE item at a 99¢ store and he was using a card to make his payment.  I thought to myself “Isn’t there a minimum amount in order to use a card?”  So I jokingly said to him and the cashier, “Just add my items to his card as well.”  He replied, “Yes, do that!”  HUH??  I said, “No, I was just joking.”  He told the cashier to ring it up!  I handed him the $5 but he wouldn’t take my money.  By this time the rest of the customers were engaged in the fun.  The lady behind me was cheering “let him pay!”  So I gave Kevin a Penny Card and told him that  Penny Finders promotes Acts of Random Kindness (ARKs) and he just performed one!  I distributed a few other Penny Cards to the people sharing the joyous experience.  Such fun!  When I looked to retrieve that penny, it had disappeared!  I guess it had served its purpose in creating a moment of JOY.
Painting Under the Stairs

I did find another penny before leaving the 99¢ store.  (Coin #6)

Today we spent a few hours working at the Pomona house.  I glued loose edges on wallpaper, took more items off the walls, and cleaned.  Doc washed and painted the walls under the staircase in the garage.


Tonight Doc and I attended the Annual Homeowner’s Association Meeting and Dinner.  On the way, I dropped off some phone books for recycling.  As I hopped out ot the van, there was a very run over penny by my foot.  (Coin #7)

Raffle Winner
The meeting was such fun.  There was a raffle with prizes of wine, plants, restaurant vouchers and more.  When they got to the $50 Starbucks Gift Card, Doc said, “That one is MINE”.  Sure enough, we won the card!

Neighbors at the meeting had such really great comments about the Penny Palace.  “Oh YOU are the ones with the wagon wheels and creative mailbox!”  The positive feedback left me motivated to create the next mailbox display … and to get the house readied for the Open House in October.

Total:   7  Coins        P (6), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.11

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JR said...

Ah. Exchange students, orientation - the breezeway is awash in coins - and no Tina. Hit for the cycle in one day, after the nickel yesterday finished off the cycle for July.