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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day #1,313 - Dirty Day

Hauling Bark

Recycle Center

This morning neighbor Craig said now that we are living at the Penny Palace, he hardly sees us.  When the house was under construction, we would see each other on a daily basis.  Now we sleep here and work at the Pomona house.

We stopped by Home Depot to buy bags of bark.  As I was looking for a shopping cart to use, I spied the wheelbarrows. Then I remembered that several months ago I had planned to get Doc a new one for his birthday.  With the kidz here, I totally forgot about doing that.  Doc’s wheelbarrow is sooo old, even the concrete and landscaping guys were commenting on the dinosaur!  So today got him a new one.  Of the six color choices I got him a COPPER colored one!

Garage Cleaning
Today was a very dirty day.  We arrived with five bags of bark which we spread to cover the dirt areas by the lawn shed.  We spent the rest of the morning cleaning the contents and filth out of the lawn shed. By noon we had a pile of aluminum and steel scraps to take to the recycle center.

The scrap metal place was hot, crowded, dirty, and the flies were bothersome.  A dirty place. But I did get one penny there.

For lunch we stopped for a counter meal. I found a penny there.

I thought we would have the garage cleaned out by 4 p.m. today.  Not a shot.  We finally left at 8 p.m. with only the back half of the garage cleaned.  I was Disappointed and Dirty.

Total:   2 Pennies

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