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Friday, July 6, 2012

Day #1,295 - Relative Terms

One of the first things I saw this morning was a coyote in the front yard.

Around 10:30 a.m. Doc and I headed for the Pomona house.  He stopped for a coffee where I collected a penny.  (Coin #1). 

Ready for Donating

We had left Pippy overnight at the Pomona house.  In all of her 19+ years that was the first time she had ever slept in our garage.

Doc and I spent an hour together in packing up some of the remaining items in the living room.  We gathered a load for the thrift store which Doc then transported.

At 12:45 I left and picked up my mom for her oral surgery.  All went well and I even got a chance to share Penny Finding and a Penny Card with the receptionist when she inquired about my Penny Pendant.  By 3:30 Mom and I were out of there.  We stopped at a pharmacy to get her prescription filled.  I was being extra careful NOT to look for coins.  I did not want her to think that Penny Finding was more important than paying attention to her.  It was difficult not to glance around the store, but I was being really good about it … until the last minute.  As we were exiting the store there were 4 shiny pennies about 8 ft. to my left and I just had to pick them up.  (Coins #2-5).

Oak Stair Treads
I took mom to her home.  She plopped into a chair in her carport and told me to leave.  I told her I could not because I signed the Doctor’s paper saying I would stay with her for at least the first 6 hours and that she was supposed to be watched for the first 24 hours.  She would not go in the house until I left.  So we sat there for a few hours.  Neither one of us was going to back down.  Finally an Angel Neighbor came over and agreed to take mom to her house until bedtime.  Then she would make sure mom got home safely.  We would call and check things in the morning.
Inspector Norman

By the time I got home this evening I was wiped out.  I did a few chores and was ready to write Penny Tales and then sleep.  Doc had other ideas …

At 8 p.m. Doc stated that we were going to undertake those staircase treads!  Uggh.  He said it wouldn’t be difficult.  “Difficult” is a relative term and I had just had enough “relative terms” all day!  Putting on oak stair treads seemed difficult to me at that point.  However, Doc does not often get highly motivated on his own, so when he does, it is prudent for me to “ride the wave”.

By 9:30 we only had two of the twelve oak steps in place.  At that rate it would be another 7.5 hours until we finished!  But we got faster and faster.  Steps #9 & 10 were “Quickies”.  When we got to steps #11 & 12 we had a good laugh when realized those would take considerably longer due to the needed “Floor Play”.  After much screwing around (7 screws on each tread) we finally had all 12 stair treads in place.  I was satisfied and exhausted.  I fell asleep for a few minutes on the floor in the middle of all the sawdust and mess.

Total:   5 Pennies

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