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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day #1,296 - Sweaty & Smelly

This morning I did laundry, prepped some shelving supports, and a few other tasks.  At 11 a.m. it was time to head to the Pomona house and begin serious garage cleaning.  Today’s goal was to clear out all the cans, chemicals, spider webs, dirt and other things under the staircases.

Doc insisted upon a coffee stop where I found a penny by the gas pumps and he found a dirt penny in a planter.  (Coins #1&2)


After two hours of cleaning and packing we headed home.  Got to the Household Hazardous waste station (according to the car clock) precisely at 2:00 p.m.  The facility closed at 2 p.m.  Thus, the load of household chemicals is now at the PP.

Cable company Tech - Mike was scheduled to arrive between 3-5.  We were adamant that we did NOT want another new person on this job.  We wanted someone who was familiar with the history of the situation as well as someone who was technically competent for this job.  At 3:01 the doorbell rang.  That was a good start - until I opened the door and saw a stranger.  I said, “You are not Mike”.  I was told that techs are assigned randomly.  He was a subcontractor for the cable company.  He asked what type of problems we were having with our internet service?  I was starting to lose it.  Then he said “I understand you are also having problem with the TV service?”  At that point I said I wanted Mike to come out and this guy was not even coming in the house!  After 15 minutes on the phone back to his office, he left me saying Mike would be here soon.
Tech Angel Mike

When Mike arrived at 3:45 it was a happy moment.  We were easily able to update him on the situation and a few minutes later he was taking positive action.  He sailed through the tasks at hand and then helped us get the router installed in the Elves Quarters.  That was supposed to be a very simple task which the previous tech had left Doc and I to do.  It was not simple at all!  Mike must have gone through dozens of computer screens to get the router talking properly to our computers.  I would not have even understood past the second or third screen.  When he left at 5:05 I wanted to hug him and hoped he would be back soon … He was!
Afternoon Naps in Doc's Office

Tech Mike had forgotten the DVR box which he had come to remove, so he was shortly back at our house.  We had let the dogs in by then and were concerned as to how they would react to this tall stranger.  Norman especially is not good with too many people.  The dogs all loved him!  So I teased Mike that maybe he really was our Tech Angel.

At 4:30 Raul arrived for some yard work.  I had planned to be out there with him, but being with Tech Mike took precedence.
Yard Work

After Mike left I was out in the yard trimming plants and cleaning up after the dogs.  Doc woke from his nap and said it was time to take the dogs for nail trimming.  I hadn’t planned on a family field trip this evening.  I just wanted a shower since I didn’t get one today and I was full of cobwebs, dirt and sweat.  But off we went to the pet store.

By the time we got home at 8 p.m. I was too tired to even care about dinner.  Doc was frustrated that food was not a priority with me, so he drove off to McDonalds.  On the way home he sighted a raccoon in the street.

Much was accomplished today and I was pretty smelly and yucky by midnight.  Doc went to bed, but insisted I shower before joining him.  Maybe I will just sleep here on my floor with Dundee tonight ‘cause I don’t have the energy to shower.

Total:   2 Pennies

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Nice video! Nice tale, and you guys - nice people!