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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day #317 - Hurdles

Wow! October made another month where every square on the Penny Calendar was filled with a story. That calendar is impressive to see.

We were at Charlene and Jim’s home this weekend to be of service and to work! We were there to assist in completing some of the many projects which Jim had started, but perhaps not yet finished. This could be for lack of time, insecurity of completing the task, confusion as to how to proceed, lack of motivation, or numerous other factors. Doc was there to help, I was there to “badger / encourage / kick b…” It was time to scale those hurdles!

Lesson: Some times we need the assistance or gentle proddings of loving friends to get us over hurdles. Think of boot camp and an obstacle wall. Buddies help each other get over it.

This morning we were awakened at 5 AM by doggie paws and kisses all over us. I forgot to shut the bedroom door. The four poodles were there to help us with every project this weekend. Angel and Penny were especially helpful when I was drafting the notes for Penny Tales.

We attended worship service with Charlene and Jim, then it was out to eat for breakfast. Jim wanted to detour to several estate and yard sales, but the rest of us wanted to work. Since he was driving, it was a challenge to “steer” him to Home Depot. We made it there and purchased the needed drywall supplies. I found one shiny new Lincoln penny and Doc found a penny outside the store. (God’s 2¢ worth today).

Lesson: We often get very distracted by the things we want to do or the wordly things. We know we should be maximizing our time and the resources given to us, yet perhaps we goof off and waste the opportunities

We did get in a few hours of work on drywall and yard cleaning before we headed home to Pomona. Stopped again at Terrible’s truck stop in Primm. Doc got his Starbucks coffee, I got a coin. I had searched the entire place thinking that with the dozens and dozens of people there, surely there was a wayward coin. There were 15 people standing in the check out line ready to make their purchases. None of them seemed to notice or care about the dime on the floor.

I cared. I had a reason. I had a goal. I had an interest. I had a focus.

Lesson: We are each focused on some things, yet totally oblivious to other things. Ask yourself: where is your focus?

Today’s Total: 3 coins P (2), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.12

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