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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day #340 - Off and Running

Lots and lots happening today. I signed the agreement with the Graphics designer to begin working on the Guidebook. We’re Off and Running! The first draft is expected in one week. The designer normally charges 50% to 100% extra for rush jobs, but has waived it for us. He also delayed another project which was scheduled to begin on Monday. J

Blank checks arrived today for the newly opened PennyFinders account, so the first check issued was for the book design services!

I had asked 55 person (with a goal of getting 25 namess) to see who would be interested in being Stakeholders in this Guidebook. 13 so far have said Yes. Today the first two investments arrived. J

There are a dozen “good news” coincidences today. Wish I could share more of them with you. But you don’t want to read a novel, and I need to prepare for some exciting things in the morning …

Today was our first newspaper coverage.


There was no time for Penny Searching today.

As I was traveling to a noon meeting, there was a solo penny on top of a dining table. A little further I found one by the cash register at the convenience store. There were three students standing over it and chatting. I just swooped in saying, “Lucky Penny for Today” since I had no time to explain anything.

After my meeting, I walked through the outdoor dining tables. There was a penny under a table with three persons sitting there. A little bit awkward, but what the heck? I grabbed it and said, “Lucky Penny. Have a nice day!” and walked off. I’m sure they were left wondering what had just happened? Such fun!

Today’s Total: 3 Pennies

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