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Monday, November 30, 2009

Day #346 - Exhilarating Abundance

WOW! Another month on the penny calendar where EVERY square is filled with a Penny Tale.

Don’t some of the stories just make you smile? Here’s a good one:

Remember last week we met a realtor in Hemet? She found a dime for each of the next three days after we told her about Penny Angels. On the 4th and 5th day she did not find any more dimes and was disappointed. I emailed back and said, “Maybe the Angels have something bigger in store for you - maybe quarters.” This morning I asked the Penny Angels to send her a quarter or more. Here is her email from this afternoon:

Tina - Heck with quarters! The angels sent $28,000.00 instead out of the blue! I know it is them. O wow

That story is as spectacular as Lita’s Trip Anywhere in the World Story (Day #332).


This morning Doc and I were driving separately to work, but he insisted that I go to Starbucks with him. So we parked Pippy (my truck) on the street en route to work and made his coffee run together. No coins there! I was not happy. He suggested I run through In-N-Out and the grocery store before he returned me to the truck. At the grocery store I turned to go into the store while Doc looked out front by the shopping carts - to find today’s penny (Coin #1). Done.

Yes, we were actively searching because Doc wanted to ensure that WE obtained a coin today.


When I arrived at school and was entering the building there was a penny in my path! (Coin #2).

Why did we search so hard this morning when the Angels had a coin just waiting for me? That inspired me to take an extra 30 seconds to walk beyond the doorway and past a few vending machines. No coins. I turned around to go back to the doorway and there was a penny next to the trash can (not visible in the first direction of travel). (Coin #3)

Lesson: Sometimes we need to change our outlook by 180 degrees in order to see the solution. (As I had to do with the new house property).

Then I spotted something questionable under one of the vending machines. Went down on one knee. It was a quarter. And while I was there, I found an additional quarter! (Coins #4&5).

I had asked the Penny Angels this morning for a quarter. Not for me - but for the realtor so she would have more than a dime today. That request was sure blown out of proportion!


As I was heading for the Honors class I was talking to the Angels: “I know I just found 4 coins here an hour ago. And I could show those coins to the class to tell them about today’s find. But it would be really extra special if there was a coin right now as I was going to class. That would show them FOR SURE that they are special and have your attention. There was a bright shiny Nickel right in my path as I walked out the automatic doors! Wow! Thanks Angels! And as I bent to retrieve it, there was a penny as well. (Coins #6&7).

After class as I was returning to my office, I spotted a dime under one of the concrete tables. I ran into the study room to share the find with the students in there. I emerged from that room to find a penny in the breezeway. (Coins #8&9). Hit for the Cycle.


After my second class today, I was passing the coffee machine as two colleagues stopped there. They asked if I would like to have a coffee with them. I replied, “No thanks to the coffee, but I’ll take a penny”. All three of us looked around where we were standing. Nothing. One of the professors purchased the coffees and turned back to hand off the cup (no one had moved). There was a penny next to us. Mushroom Coin! (Coin #10). A third colleague arrived just in time to witness that find. Shared Joy.

Doc came home and left me another love note on the kitchen table. He visited Dr. R’s office and Dr. J was present. Doc spotted a dime on the floor and claimed it. (Coin #11). Those two faculty members were the ones present with me at the coffee machine. I think they are now believers in Penny Angels. J

Today’s Total: 11 coins P (6), N ( 1), D (2), Q (2) = $0.81

Hit for the Cycle

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