In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Day #332 - Honeymoon

Hi Penny Pals-

Those lessons we have been learning over the past year about Asking, Verbalizing, Believing, and then Acting, apply to more than just Finding Pennies.

Today Lita (who found the Lucky Penny when she and Doc went out to lunch last Friday), came bubbling into my office. A local radio station holds a daily contest. Each hour during the day, the 20th caller is selected. Each night one of the 11 callers is randomly selected. Lita had tried calling in the first time, but did not get through. Before she hung up she Spoke Out Loud, “Penny Angels let’s be caller 20 next time.” She was! Now she was one of 11 persons qualified to win a trip anywhere in the world! Getting qualified was only half the battle. This was her third time in making it to that level.

Lita then asked the Penny Angels to help her win the trip. That would be her Honeymoon next year. At 7 p.m. we turned on the radio to hear … “And Our Winner Tonight is Lita Patel!” Of course she was thrilled and when they asked where in the world she wanted to go, she said, “Ireland for My Honeymoon!” Such JOY!!! Today the Penny Angels spread JOY to hundreds of people through a Radio Contest! Lots of smiles generated with that broadcast. The broadcast was repeated at 7:52 PM and probably several more times.


And now for today’s Penny Finding story…

On the way to school Doc stopped for his coffee. He went to the Starbucks without a drive through line, so I walked the parking lot of the shopping center while he got his coffee. I found nothing, he emerged with a dime. His coin for today. (Coin #1)

At school I was heading off for the Honors class. My co-worker said, “Don’t bother checking the vending machine area. I have just been down there and cleaned it out - two quarters!”. Rats! I was hoping for a quick and easy find there this morning.

I headed to class and walked by the vending machines, just because. Nothing. I stood still and said, “Look Penny Angles, I really like this class of students. Two weeks ago I shared with those students about Penny Finders and I have found a coin almost every time I go to that class. How about a coin today to Validate this Penny Finding stuff?”

Nudging, “Check the coin return of the coffee machine.”

Tina, “I don’t really like doing that”

Nudging, “What does this have to do with LIKING it? You said you wanted Validation”.

Tina, “Coin returns are not my thing”.

Nudging, “You are going to be late for class and you are currently going there without a coin. What is there to lose other than your pride and looking foolish?”

Tina, “This is ridiculous!”

Nudging, “So what?”

I retrieved a Nickel! (Coin #2)

Note: It was super fun to share that story with the class.


After work I was planning to head straight home. I was anxious to get started on the assignment from the Chaz, the Graphic Artist I spoke with last night.

Doc had other plans. He wanted to make stops at WalMart, Traders, the grocery store, Starbucks. No!!!! I told the Penny Angels, “Please no more coins to write about tonight, OK?” And I told Doc that if he found any coins, then he could write his own story!

No coins found at WalMart. Whew! But then Doc found one as he entered Trader Joes (Coin #3). At the grocery store I spotted a penny (Coin #4) in one check out line and then another Penny (Coin #5) in the next line. This is before we started shopping. Then while Doc was paying for groceries, I found another penny right in the middle of a deserted aisle - of the Laundrymat next door. (Coin #6) Yes, you guessed it. I could not resist searching. Penny Fever. We had a nickel, dime and penny, but no quarter, so I was searching to Hit for the Cycle.

Doc suggested we try Starbucks on the way home. One penny found there. (Coin #7). The cashier was super nice and had a great smile. He smiled even more when I gave him a Penny Finders card. JOY Shared. How can we keep a count of those smiles so we can make that 1,000,000 smiles goal?

Lesson: Apply Penny lessons to all aspects of our lives. Wonderful things happen as we begin to Trust that higher “cents”.

Today’s Total: 7 coins P (5), N (1), D (1) = $0.20

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Anonymous said...

heh heh heh. I got 4 quarters yesterday.