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Friday, November 20, 2009

Day #336 - Make a Difference

Another day of incredible Penny Finds and stories from people on today’s excursion.


Pickup Named:

This morning I took my pickup truck back to the paint shop for one last part to be finished off. It looks great! People have definitely noticed the copper colored truck.

I decided to call her Pippy. (Pip for short). At first I was trying to find a foreign word meaning copper or penny or something like that. No luck. So this week I was driving and thinking: Penelope, Peppy, Tippy (my first dog), Pippi Longstocking (who has red/copper hair and is mischievous, unconventional, assertive and extraordinarily strong.) Mush it together to get PIPPY.

There were two pennies (really, really beat up ones which had been there a while) at the diner drive through next to the paint shop. We were told that place has been closed for months. I had carefully searched it last time I was at the paint shop and had found a penny at that time as well. (At a shut down business). (Pennies #1&2)


Remember the note about my neighbor who died (Special Update on Nov 14)? This morning Doc and I were on our way to the funeral. We were making a U-Turn and Doc saw a washer in the median (close Honey, but it does not count). Then he spotted the penny and hopped out - even in his suit and dress shoes. Pretty funny. (Penny #3) Then we were making the left turn for the church and Doc saw “a shiny”. Moving too quickly to determine nickel or quarter. After the service we went back for the nickel (Coin #4).

The funeral service was amazing. To us he was a great neighbor and nice, old guy. It was truly touching to hear how many lives he had influenced in so many ways. May we strive to leave such a legacy to our children, grandchildren, friends, coworkers and others.

Thought: This man sure made a difference

Nacho’s daughter shared that recently Nacho had given her husband a treasured watch (which was not working). Lisa felt Nacho’s passing and KNEW it had happened. The watch began working. And it was at the correct time! (Minus one hour since she lives in a different time zone).


We stopped for a few moments at school to fetch something. As we were walking back to the car we were just chit chatting having a good time. There was a very shiny coin in our path. (Coin #5) We found it just as a very special professor (Sutton) was walking past. He is known as the Dick Clark of the College. (He looks the same in his photos from 40 years ago as he does now). Even Doc had him as a professor when he attended CPP in the 60s! This man just Radiates positive energy and has touched thousands and thousands of students and others.

Thought: This man has sure made a difference.


Next, I had to make a quick stop at a store which was going out of business. ( I had a gift card to spend there.) Doc went to Carl’s Jr. for a burger and a penny and a dime. (Coins #6&7).

After that it was home for lots of phone calls to make positive progress on several of the active projects. Good stuff!


At 7:30 Doc demanded a feeding break. We ran over to the local Mexican diner. There was a super shiny, new Lincoln Professional Life penny shining like a beacon on the dark floor mat as we walked in. (Coin #8).

I was eating way too many chips while waiting for our dinner, so I walked to the convenience store next door as a diversionary tactic. There were two pennies by the register as I walked in. (Coins #9&10). The cashier, Vicky was so great! We talked of Penny Angels, kids and people who make a difference. She said 3 months ago she had lost her job and was down to $2. She bought a taco at a drive through window and found her meal had been paid for by the man in front of her! Pay it Forward!

Thought: That man sure made a difference.


Oops! I almost forgot. Remember I said Tuesday I got a quote from a graphics and book design guy (Chaz)? He should have no doubt about taking on this project. Here is his email from this afternoon. (The Penny Angels are talking to him directly!)

I'm at the seminar I told you about. After the lunch break I returned to my seat and I couldn't believe what was right in front of me next to my book, pen and notepad! It's in my pocket now, and will be the first I place in my Penny Passport.

Making a Difference = making a CHANGE

Today’s Total: 10 coins P (8), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = $0.23

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