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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day #341 - Bday Plans

We stopped at the post office and mailed the check to Chaz for his Guidebook Work. J I had not visited the Circle K next to the Fitness Center in the months since I quit working out. So we stopped there just to say hello to Margita (see Day #200 story). As I got out of the van, I found a nickel under the vehicle next to ours. Doc said, “What about the penny next to it?” I hadn’t seen it! (Coins #2&3).

Inside the store I found a penny at the cold beverage station, then a nickel slightly stuck in floor wax under the coffee station. (Coins #4&5). Margita greeted me with a big smile and a Hug, “Hello Penny Lady. I was telling people about you”. I gave her a business card and said to stay tuned for Day #365! She showed the card to the other two cashiers, then retrieved a penny from the floor behind the counter to add to the collection. (Coin #6).


Doc had offered to take me out for a nice birthday dinner, but I meet with my student officers on Wednesday nights from 6-8 pm so I declined his invitation.

Original Plan A: I was going to surprise the students and bring them dinner.

Plan B: They had decided to have a potluck tonight.

Plan C: One of the students offered his house for a BBQ instead. I got there and the house was dark. Evidently the landlord is doing landscaping this week and did not want seven persons in his yard.

Plan D: Business meeting / potluck moved to local park. We had assumed potluck was in a house, so no one had utensils and plates. Three persons did not show and one officer was out getting spaghetti.

Plan E: We waited 30 minutes in the dark park for the fourth person. When he arrived with dinner he sounded pretty sick and it was foolish for all of us to sit there and eat on the tailgate of the two pickups. New Plans. Meeting abandoned.


While I was loitering in a dark park, Doc was at Subway getting his dinner, then at the grocery store getting bananas and three pennies. (Coins #7-9).

I fought holiday traffic and went home to ‘enjoy’ the remainder of Doc’s sandwich which I found in the fridge. L The evening certainly did not go as planned.

Lesson: Be Flexible and ready for New Plans

Today’s Total: 9 coins P (7), N (2), D (0), Q (0) = $0.17

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