In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day #321 - Smile Wealth

Last week my pickup truck did not pass the smog test, so this week the goal was to get it serviced and passed. Yesterday I took it to a mechanic who said it needed a new catalytic converter - but I had a new one put in just 9,000 miles ago when the other one was stolen! Grrrr… This morning Doc and I took the truck to the muffler shop for the new part. We found a penny by the register. Good sign (Coin #1).

The mechanic said he could have the part replaced in 20-30 minutes, so Doc and I went out Cruising for Coins. We stopped at the Circle K to check Doc’s lottery ticket. No coins. We next drove to the freeway Starbucks assuming we would find a line of cars (like yesterday) and some coins. We found neither. Absolutely zero cars (first time ever) and zero coins.

Doc suggested the grocery store on the way back to the auto shop. For starters Doc tossed me out at the In-n-Out. No coins at either window and the picnic area was washed down. So I followed the water trail … Noticed the embedded penny (seen it before) and then a second one and then a third one? Or at least I assumed it was also embedded. But it wasn’t! (Coin #2).

Lesson: Don’t take action (or fail to take action) based upon invalid assumptions.

Doc had meanwhile gone into the restroom at the grocery store, so I quickly searched the check out lines before he returned. I found a dime, then a quarter by the recycle bag station as Doc arrived! He bought a few groceries, then we found a penny under a magazine rack as we were leaving. (Coins #3-5).


This afternoon while at work, Penny Fever hit. I just had to take ten minutes and run over to the Marketplace and Find!. As I approached the entry doorway, there was a dime on the right side and a penny on the left. There were three independent pennies around the Carl’s Jr. area - two of them were the shiny new log house pennies. (Coins #6-10).

I spotted a penny under a table where three students were studying. I told them about Penny Tales and asked if I could have the coin. The gal stepped back, and when she did, another penny was revealed! She picked up both pennies and gave them to me. (Coins #11&12). Joy shared. As I walked past the Carl’s Jr. again, there was another shiny log cabin penny. (Coin #13) Mushroom coin.


I was on my way to my office when a guy in front of me stopped and picked up something. By his actions, I knew it was a paper bill of some sort. I teasingly said, “It looks like you may have found some money. If so, the Penny Angels had intended that for me, but you have intercepted it!” He looked at me as though I was nuts. I showed him a Penny Finders business card. He showed me the $20 bill he had picked up! Rats!


I went into the student study room to show them my handful of coins from the Marketplace. There was one penny upon entering the room, then another under one of the work tables. 25-30 students in the room got to celebrate with me. Smile Wealth. Then there was another penny. I was leaving and had the door already open when I looked left to see another penny against the wall! Mushroom coin. (Coins #14-17).


Talk about “frugal”. Last night at Carl’s Jr. the burgers were on sale, so Doc bought a second burger for his lunch today. Yucky! Then at 10 PM on his way home, he stopped for a McDonald’s burger for dinner. And he also collected HIS coin for today - a dime. (Coin #18).

Today’s Total: 18 coins P (14), N (0), D (3), Q (1) = $0.69

The 18 coins found today won’t create great financial wealth, but the joy shared will create great smile wealth.

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