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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day #344 - Another Day of Thanksgiving

Today (Saturday) was our Thanksgiving Celebration. We began that tradition many years ago when the kids, brothers, friends all had work or other places to be on Thursday. We just decided our family gathering would be “off peak” on Saturday.

It was after 1 a.m. by the time everyone had departed, some of the furniture was moved back in place and the majority of the dishes were washed. My eyes were not even focusing by then. Writing was not possible. So this note is a little late. Sorry about that.

Back to Penny Finding …

People often ask if I actively Seek coins or if they just appear. Yes and Yes, both. Yesterday (Friday) was a passive find. Today I was Hunting!

Around 1 PM I realized I’d better get out of the house and get Penny Finding. So I made a quick run to the store under the guise of needing some butter. No coins at the grocery store. Yikes! Walked over to In-N-Out. No coins in that area.

Needed to find a Target Rich Environment -- and quickly. The 99¢ store is always a good place to Search. It was very crowded. Lots of people, no coins! I walked next door to the car wash. I found an Electronic Coin. Close, but not good enough. I walked next door to the liquor store. Nothing in the lot or in the store. Things were not looking good.

I was getting disheartened.

Wrestling with myself or Penny Angels (not sure). “My faith is getting shaky here. Not sure if I will find a coin today. Must find one. Why MUST I find one? It’s not as if I was promised a coin every day. Then it would be fair to say my faith was being tested or that I was Doubting God. But there was no promise, so I should have zero expectations and just be happy IF something appears. Any day could be the last day of this ‘coincidental finding streak’”.

But then I started talking out loud to the Penny Angels, “Look. I have 30 people coming for Thanksgiving Dinner in a little while and I am out here searching for a stupid penny? This doesn’t make any sense. This is insanity. Would you please get off your *****s and help out a little here? If I am supposed to keep finding these bloomin’ coins then YOU need to make it happen - soon! I give you 5 more minutes, then I am going home.”

I went across the street to the self-serve car wash. Finally - a penny. Then as I was recording that find, I spotted a second penny. Yippee! God’s 2¢ worth in response to my sassiness.

I returned home to find the first guests had arrived. The rest of the evening was spent eating, and eating, and chasing kids and eating and dishes and eating …. J

After the guests had departed, Doc and I were moving furniture and straightening the sofa covers. There were two dimes and three pennies in the folds of the fabric. (Coins #3-7). Then some coloring pens fell behind the bookcase so I used a tool to retrieve them and got a 1946 nickel as well! (It is just one year younger than Doc). Wonder how long the coin was back there? (Coin #8). Doc said, “Too bad we did not find a quarter, to make it a ‘Hit for the Cycle’”. We went upstairs to go to bed. On the bathroom counter there was a quarter. Doc’s comment, “Oh Yeah, I found this coin earlier today under the silk flower arrangement, does this one count?” I’m not sure. (Coin #9)

Lesson: Maybe you don’t always need to leave your home in order to find answers. There may be times when you can “serve” right where you are.

Lesson: Once again - verbalize your request. (But maybe in more polite terms than I used).

Today’s Total: 9 coins P (5), N (1), D (2), Q (1) = $0.55

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