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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day #342 - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is not as commercialized as Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

THANKSGIVING is a day to tell others how special they are to you.

Yesterday I received an intricately beaded tiny little purse - just big enough to hold one or two coins. I opened it to find a shiny penny - from Australia! (Pennies were discontinued there in 1992). Tonight I called the sender to thank her and we spoke for an hour. Isn’t it grand how friendships and love don’t recognize international borders?


We may have the day off from work and many businesses are closed today, but the Penny Angels don’t seem to abide by human clocks or calendars. Those higher beings are a constant presence in our lives. They don’t seem to take any days off!


This morning Doc insisted upon his daily Starbucks coffee, so I negotiated - the sooner he got a few chores done, the sooner he could take a break! J He said I should go with him to Find today’s coin.

Doc dropped me at the In-n-Out Burger place on his way to the coffee shop. There were no coins at the window areas or dining tables, but a dime in the driveway. (Coin #1). I needed some potatoes for our Thanksgiving Dinner (which we hold on Saturday) so I popped into the grocery store. Three pennies by the registers. (Coins #2-4).

Meanwhile Doc was off getting his coffee. He chuckled as he briefed me on his Finding:

As he drove away from Starbucks, he was “nudged” to drive slowly through the lot and look out the passenger window versus his driver window? He spotted something in front of a hair salon. He stopped. He maneuvered the van to drive next to the object. It was a penny. And he was boasting that he did not even get out of the car to retrieve it - he just leaned out his open door! (Coin #5)



My brother is a firefighter, so this afternoon we joined him along with the families of the other guys on duty for dinner at the Fire Station. The first hour was great as Doc and I helped the guys set out tables and chairs and get things readied. The Twins and Ashley arrived and we had a great time in the Bounce House. Ashley enthusiastically provided me with a new (and wild) hairdoo.

After that, more kids and all the other people arrived. The commotion reached a level where I needed to take a hike. I was also being tempted to eat way too many appetizers, so I walked the streets for 15 minutes. Walked through the closed Taco Bell drive through and found a penny. (Coin #6). Then two pennies in the parking lot of a nearby liquor store. (Coins #7&8).

We needed to stop for gasoline before heading home. There was one run over penny by the pumps and an other one inside the convenience store. (Coins #9&10)

Lesson: Let your hair down, play like a child, enjoy the moment.

Today’s Total: 10 coins P (9), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.19

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