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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day #331 - Electrifying

Today was one of those days when you say “How Incredible and Wonderful” life can be when you are “in the flow”. That energy just courses through every cell of your being. Like having lightning hit you (with a non-lethal dose). Simply Electrifying!


This morning Doc wanted to go for his requisite coffee at Starbucks. He persuaded me to go along by saying I would most likely find today’s coin there. I went along. The drive through line was horribly long, so Doc went inside to get his coffee. No coins to be found. L I walked the parking lot, then we stopped at the next shopping center and put in 1,000 steps while walking the lot, the CVS pharmacy, the donut shop, etc. No coins. Yes, this morning I was Actively looking. I wanted to Find the coin and have that task out of the way because other things needed attention. (including Doc) ;-)

Doc was determined to get a coin before we returned home. So he pulled into Carl’s Jr. (at 11 AM) saying, “I’ll just get something now for lunch and then have it in a few hours”. He ordered and drove to the pick up window. I hopped out to get the burger (really looking for coins). Doc was making funny faces and gestures to me. I was standing over a dime and didn’t even notice it!


That’s it! Only one coin. Can you believe it? No photos, nothing spectacular. At first I thought that is because Sunday is a day of rest and the Penny Angels knew I needed a break. But there were other, more important things than finding additional coins. Those of you who have been on this journey over the past few months can “cents” that this Penny Finding is leading somewhere …We just need to figure out where!


This afternoon I went to a class taught by Dr. Harry Perdew. “Reading People from the Inside Out”. Fascinating!

Don’t ask me WHY I felt led to sign up for that. I argued for weeks with my logical side which said, “You have a dozen other much higher priorities than a trivial class”. And then I also had to try to explain it to Doc when I keep telling him we don’t have time for superfluous stuff!

Anyhow, Dr. Perdew has traveled around the world teaching these skills to groups of hundreds of people at a time. Tonight, no one else had registered for the class, so initially I had a private workshop with him. Imagine - for $20 I had 2 hours of training from an international speaker and expert in this field. Midway through the class another lady joined us and it turns out she and I have some interesting connections, but that would take another whole story. Suffice it to say “Be careful what you say because it is a Very Small World and we are all connected”.

Back to Dr. Perdew. He had his Power Point presentation on his laptop on a coffee table in front of us. We sat on the floor and just had a fantastic dialogue. I had this vision of sitting at the feet of some wise scholar and just absorbing and learning. It was ELECTRYIFYING.


I came home and Doc asked me why I was so late? Late? I hadn’t realized the session went for over two hours! It seemed like only minutes. I didn’t dare tell Doc that when the class began, the shopkeeper had locked the door upon his leaving. This left me totally alone in a secluded place with a man I didn’t know and surrounded by throw pillows and “touchy feely” stuff.

When I got home, I called and left voicemails for a few people (like Mandy) in order to diffuse some of the energy because I was too wired for Doc to deal with. Then I decided to channel that positive energy.


I had told Pat when I first met her, that her 10 Rockin’ Tips for Happy Grandchildren and website are so really close to the feel of things for Penny Finders. Although away in Florida and tending to her father’s recovery from surgery, for some reason Pat emailed this afternoon with contact information for her Graphics designer. It was 8:30 PM on a Sunday evening and I felt “nudged” to use the high energy to contact this man. Here we go with one of those Penny Angel arguments …

Nudging: “Contact Chaz”

Tina: “It is Sunday night, maybe tomorrow. He won’t be in the office tonight anyhow”.

Nudging: “No, tonight”.

Tina: “Do I have to? OK. Maybe a short email”.

Nudging: “Nope. Email can not contain such a BIG message”.

Tina: “What message? I don’t event know why I am calling. This guy will want to know what I want from him”.

Nudging: “Pick up the phone!”

Tina: “and say what?”

Nudging: “Trust”

Tina: “I need a few more days to get this handbook in order. Doc says I can’t take something raw to a first-class designer because we could not spend money like that on something that is a freebie for people (like the pens and other tokens I have been giving away)”.

Nudging: “Stop arguing and just DO IT!”

Yes, I called. Chaz picked up on the second ring. Gulp. I introduced myself and said I would like the opportunity to speak with him when it was convenient for him. He said he was working on a project this evening which had an urgent deadline - tomorrow! I expected him to look at his calendar and book a time for later this week. He Shocked me (back to the electricity theme) by saying, let’s talk now! Huh? He spent 45 minutes with me. I have 3 pages of notes. He will email me some things tonight, and I will work on the Penny Hunters guidebook and submit a VERY rough draft to him before I go to bed tonight! We need to move on this document in order to have it ready for Day #365!!!! (Don’t ask me WHY because I don’t know the answer to that right now). At the end of the conversation, CHAZ Thanked ME for calling? Huh? Does not compute. I have just interrupted his urgent work to tell him about silly Penny Angels and he is saying “Thanks?” There must be something really powerful at work here behind the curtains. (Thinking Dorothy and the Wizard of OZ). I am just in awe.


Doc is asking me how it can take two hours to write about one dime tonight. IT IS NOT the dime which is important. That is merely a symbol of the Incredible Forces at work here!

Lesson Today: Wear rubber boots and try to stay grounded, but let the electricity come through you so that you may CHARGE (or CHANGE) others!

Today’s Total: 1 Dime

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