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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day #338 - Got the Dimes

Today was comprised of just lots of silly little individual Finds. Silly Onesies.

Last night while at the grocery store and doing those errands I said to the Penny Angels, Dime, dime, dime, dime, dime …” probably one hundred times. I forgot to say “BY Midnight!” The Penny Angels don’t run on human time. The dimes were provided this morning!

The first dime I found was in a purse. I always clean out my purses when I put them away, but the one I grabbed this morning had a single dime in it! I had to laugh because of the repeated request last nigh for a dime. But that coin does not count (see Penny Protocol on line).

We were out the door at 8 AM. One mile from home Doc spotted something shiny in the crosswalk where we were stopped for a red light. He made me get out and investigate. It was a penny - but it was embedded! Foregone. The bus driver in that lane of traffic must have been wondering why I jumped out of my car and ran in front of him.


Doc had to visit Starbucks before getting on the freeway. There was a long line of cars, so I walked around the nearby McDonalds and Chevron gas station. One penny at the gas pumps (Coin #1). I returned to assist Doc in getting his coffee at the drive through window. Saw one obvious dime, then another dime on the curb and a penny a little beyond the window area.. Those were the dimes I was requesting. (Coins #2-4). We were leaving the lot when I spotted another penny in a parking stall. (Coin #5)

As we were traveling down the freeway, the car was making funny noises. So we pulled off the freeway in Redlands. While Doc checked the oil and looked under the hood, I walked through the Del Taco lane to collect 2 pennies under the window. Then thought of Nephew Brandon’s comment, “Look where the water flows” and found a run over penny. (Coins #6-8). The KFC was just next door and still closed at 9:15 AM so a great place to search. Nothing spotted - until I looked in the deep crack between the driveway concrete and the curbing under the pay window. Another dime! I thought I would need to fetch the tweezers from the car, but thank goodness for long fingernails. (Coin #9).

We had a great breakfast, then met with a realtor, June. As we embarked on our journey with her, I spotted a penny in the center console of her car. (Against Penny Protocol to take that one). We laughed. Doc was sitting in the back seat of her car and quipped, “There is a penny under Tina’s seat, another penny under June’s seat plus a nickel back here.” We took that as a good symbol for our meeting even though it would be against Penny Protocol to count those coins for today. We explored the Hemet area with June and learned so much. She enjoyed our Penny Finders story and had some pretty amazing miracle stories of her own.

Doc had to make another Starbucks stop. It must be his goal to visit every Starbucks in Southern California. While he used the restroom, I walked the drive through to collect a penny. (Coin #10)

We were on the home stretch. We were at a red light - the last signal before our house. Yup! Doc spotted another Median penny. It was a stale red light, but Doc is quite good with his retrievals and he was back in the car just moments after the light turned green.

We shared the story with 5-6 people today, collected a few coins, made progress on the investment property project, cleaned the garage, spent a few moments with the family next door, graded quizzes, did homework, paid bills, prepared food, etc. Just a really pleasant Sunday.

Thoughts: Today it just seemed like the Penny Angels were toying with us. There were off limit coins in the realtor’s car, the embedded coin, the dime in my purse, and the two dimes at Starbucks (where I got scolded for being out of my car). The Angels were just playing around with us and providing no serious lessons.

Today’s Total: 11 coins P (8), N (0), D (3), Q (0) = $0.38

Just pennies plus the DIMES I requested Yesterday!

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