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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day #1,170 - Solar Data

This morning Doc and I worked on tax preparations. Before getting started, he and Sparky went for coffee, breakfast, and a penny.

This afternoon we attended our granddaughter’s First Birthday party. On the way to the party we made four stops. First we stopped at a 7-11 store so I could find today’s coin. I found a penny and a quarter (Coins #1 & 2). Then we stopped at the home of our plumber to give him a payment voucher. Next we stopped at the construction site down the street from the Penny Palace in order to speak with Concrete Rick who is also working on that project. Finally we stopped at the Penny Palace.

At the Penny Palace Doc just had to obtain the reading off the solar meter. Prior to our arrival today, the panel generated 28 KWHrs. This afternoon we received our electricity bill for our current (Pomona) house. We used an average of 27.8 KWHrs per day. So hopefully these panels will provide 100% of our needs in the new house.

The only crew working today was the stone masons. They grouted the flagstone at the back door and arbor. That makes the everyday entrance look really nice.

Great food at the party. Too many kids and too much sugar around.

After the party we went back to the Penny Palace. Son Brian, his fiancée, and my mom came to see the house. Many changes since they visited back in November for my Birthday tour.

Doc again took solar readings just before the inverters turned off for the day. Today’s production was in excess of 40 KW-H. Perfect weather conditions for generating power.

On the way home Doc stopped for a coffee. I found a nickel. (Coin #3). A quick stop at the grocery store for apples, bananas, and a penny. (Coin #4).

Total: 5 Coins P (3), N (1), D (0), Q (1) = $0.33

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