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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day #1,188 - Too Early

I found the first coin (a penny) today before sunrise. I heard a rooster crowing in Celebration! That is WAY TOO EARLY to be out and about. I was walking around nearby establishments while Doc was getting breakfast from the drive up window at McDonalds.

We arrived at the Penny Palace at 7 a.m. to find two concrete trucks and a team of six guys scrambling to work the effluent. They worked on the area in front of the garage for most of the morning. Then they turned their focus onto the circular driveway area. That concrete pour is planned for Friday.

The Landscape team continued to work on the water storage tanks in the back yard. They used a jack hammer to remove those three newly discovered boulders. They also worked on the irrigation and drainage lines in the front yard and then moved topsoil.

Doc and I interfaced with the working crews and managed to squeeze in a few minor activities. I sealed the tiles on the kitchen sink. Doc washed the front door. We both worked on the tile stream and finished grouting it! Yippee!


We left the Penny Palace at 3:25 and scrambled to make our 3:30 meeting at Rental #2 for a walk through inspection with the contractor. He has a number of small items to complete yet, but is mostly finished. Except tonight we decided the fiberglass bathtub is not really salvageable as we expected it to be. Thus, beginning tomorrow, Hank will tear it out and replace it with a new tub and tile around it.

Next week we need to focus on the back yard for that house. The tenants plan to move in on April 1st.

As Doc pulled away from that house, I spotted a penny in the street and made him halt for it. (Coin #2)


Our next stop was a nursery to investigate plants for the Penny Palace. The Landscaper is scheduled to put in the plants on Friday, March 30. Doc wants a Camellia plant by the door. I don’t like pink, so I was willing to go with a yellow or orange flowering bush. No such luck.

This evening Doc checked out early. I have been working on designs for the garage cabinets. We need to have those in place so the plumber can hook up the two sinks.

Total: 2 Pennies

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