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Monday, March 12, 2012

Day #1,179 - Knocked Out

Doc had wanted to be at the Penny Palace by 8 a.m. in order to work on the tile stream. I made several calls (such as to the City for a dumpster permit) and Doc was perturbed that we were running late.

On the way to the PP Doc stopped at a McDonalds for breakfast. While he waited in the drive-up line, I walked next door to a fast food place and collected two pennies and a nickel. (Coins #1-3).

I was tempted to walk past the KFC window, but Doc was impatient so I did not dare. Then he proposed that I check out the KFC drive! I did. Found a dime, quarter, and two pennies to make a Hit for the Cycle early in the day. (Coins #4-7).

Doc and I were the only ones working on site today. We did a few small tasks, then Knocked Out the rest of the tile pieces on the stream. Next we will need to clean the pieces and then grout them.

While I was working I heard a thud which I didn’t recognize. Then a little while later a second noise. Doc entered the room and pointed at a little sparrow on the spiral staircase. It had evidently flown into the window and Knocked itself Out. Doc thought it was dead. I carried it outside and talked to it. It started squirming. I tucked it in a towel and put it under a bush for protection. Then I got it some bread and water. I checked on it as we were leaving. It could hop, but not fly. It hopped/ran across the back yard twice.

On the way home Doc and I stopped for burgers. Doc collected a dime and a penny. (Coins #8&9)

This afternoon Doc went to CPP for a department meeting. I had my monthly physical therapy. The therapist was not thrilled that I had been carrying tile and doing various contortions in the attics. I was laying on the table remembering the little bird this morning and trying to think of a title for tonight’s Penny Tale. The therapist’s hand slipped and she hit me in the jaw. I asked, “Are you trying to Knock me Out?” And thus the title for today.

Total: 9 Coins P (5), N (1), D (2), Q (1) = $0.55

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