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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day #1,174 - Clear Skies

Today was comprised of numerous minor activities conducted under bright and clear skies. My first stop this morning was at the glass shop to set an appointment for Glassman Alex to visit the Penny Palace for measurements. Next, a quick stop at the Fixture Shop for a sink-mounted air switch for the garbage disposer. Then it was a stop at a tile store for a tube of dark brown, non-sanded grout. No coins found at any of those stops.

Roofer Bill has been trying for several weeks to start the re-roof job on Rental #2. Finally today it looked like good weather and so his team ripped off the existing shingles. The winds were fairly significant which resulted in debris flying into neighboring yards. I looked at all the debris surrounding the house and thought to myself “Surely there is a penny in all this mess. However, the debris is so thick, a coin wouldn’t be visible”. Within moments I spotted a penny amidst the trash!

When I arrived at the Penny Palace, the only person working was Doc. He was removing more concrete debris from his planters and then backfilling them with topsoil.

Later this afternoon Concrete Rick and Jesse arrived. Concrete was poured for the footing of the remaining portion of retaining wall. The first layer of block was also placed. Measurements were taken to calculate concrete needs for tomorrow’s walkway pour.

Doc and I cut and placed another 3 sf of tile stream.

This evening I ordered the curbside mailbox and designed the mailbox post. Soon we will be able to get mail at the Penny Palace!

Doc is like a kid with a new toy (the solar array). Several times a day now he goes out to the garages to check on his system and log the data. Today with the cool air and clear skies, the solar panels produced 41.8 KW-Hr of energy. (We use approximately 29/day in our current house).

Total: 1 Penny

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Anonymous said...

Hello Tina!
We are glad for you.
Let me congratulate you with the International Women's day! Most of all I want to wish you a very good health and patience.

From Russia with love,