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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day #1,194 - Inspectors

It is nearly 9 p.m. and Doc is not home from work yet. When he gets here, he’ll want dinner and a debrief, so if I type this update for you, he can just read it!

Up at 5 a.m. to get an early start for the day. At the lumber yard by 7:30 when they opened in order to get the wood for the mailbox post and the post cap - no luck on that piece.

At the jobsite there were 5 guys working on the landscaping and backyard waterfall issues. It was exciting to see the 5 fruit trees being planted. The special gift jacaranda tree was put in place today. That one has sentimental value in various ways.

We had requested two City inspections today. The first one was for the building final. The second was for approval of formwork for the driveway approach. We can not pour concrete there until we have the OK. Inspector Mike came out for the Building Inspection. He said we must complete the concrete and landscaping before he can do anything.

Inspection #2 was scheduled as a morning inspection. No one had yet arrived by 11:30, so I called. I was told someone would call me back shortly. By 3:00 I was getting concerned. The concrete crew and a truckload of concrete were scheduled for tomorrow at 7 a.m. If the forms were not ‘blessed’, then I needed to cancel the pour. After 10-12 calls, I was finally connected to Inspector Robert who was off work at 4 p.m. and agreed to stop by the jobsite on his way home. Thank You angels. Of course the forms were approved and we are set to pour.

Considerable time was spent trying to figure out a plan of action along the South wall. How to keep the slope away from the house, away from the neighbor’s wall, at the proper height for envelope requirements, draining to the street, easy to navigate, etc. All within the 5 ft. width.

I managed a few tasks today inside the house: some painting on the bathroom mural, filling and activating the Aussie corner waterfall and stream, cleaning, and more cleaning!

Contractor Hank (at Rental #2) called to say he had completed all of the Action Items required by the Housing Authority Inspector. So I called Inspector Steve and set an appointment for a re-check tomorrow.

At 4:15 I locked up the house and headed for the cabinet shop. Phantom Plumber left a note to get one of the kitchen drawers cut down because it interferes with the cooktop gas regulator.

Then I went to the Fixture Shop to return one of the water filters. Phantom Plumber actually ran a plastic water line under the floor and across the room to save us the expense and hassle of having a second filtering unit. There was a dime on the floor when I entered the store - good omen. (Coin #1).

As I was driving home I was talking to the Angels.

Tina: “Yes, I know I should get a penny for Penny Tales, but I’m too tired. I don’t feel like it. I am just 2 miles from home and I don’t want to detour”.

Nudging: find a penny.

Tina, “Bug Off”.

Nudging: pull into that car wash.

Tina, “I don’t want to”

Nudging: Do it Anyway

I pulled into the car wash and parked Pippy. I walked around the vacuum pumps. The place was super clean. This was the cleanest car wash I had ever seen. No trash, debris or even leaves. Everything looked newly hosed down.

Tina, “So Penny Angels, why did I bother stopping?”

Just then I spotted the penny …. And a nickel within inches of it! … and then a dime a few inches away!

“OK Angels, you win, but why no quarter? That would have been REALLY good”.

I drove toward home and was at the final intersection. There was a quarter just outside my window, but the signal was green and there were many cars around me. Foregone coin.

Total: 5 Coins P (1), N (1), D (2), + one foregone Q = $0.26 in hand

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