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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day #1,189 - Shelved

On the way to the Penny Palace Doc stopped for coffee. I collected a penny.

We shopped for shelving at Home Depot. We plan to hang leftover piping, molding, trim, lumber, metal, etc. from the North wall of the lawnshed. As we were checking out, I spotted the rim of a silver coin which looked like it could be a dime, yet it did not ‘feel’ like a dime. When I extracted it from the crack where it was embedded, I found it to be a Denmark 10 piece. (Coin #2).

Things were humming at the job site. A huge load of topsoil was delivered early this morning and was piled along the driveway. Rebar was placed, stuff was moved.

The Landscaping crew spent the day working on the backyard stream - both upper and lower portions. As of this afternoon, it looks like things are working. They did not back fill the holes until we see if things still look OK tomorrow.

Doc went to the Post Office because the postal carrier said we had mail waiting for us there since we do not yet have a mail box. Doc was told there was no mail. Then Doc drove out to Fontana Post Office to get access to the mailbox at Rental #2. A new key will cost $50 and take a few days to obtain.

While Doc was gone I used acid to wash the driveway and try to remove the chalk marks which were incorrectly drawn last month. Unfortunately a sealer was sprayed on the chalk lines and so far I haven’t figured out how to remove it.

I polished the borrowed trash can and finally returned it to neighbor Craig. He should be returning from travel today to find a yellow ribbon ‘round the old trash bin.

I sealed the grout lines on all of the Aussie floor tiles. The thought of sealing ALL the floor tiles is overwhelming, so it’s one section at a time …

We did get another quote for the garage cabinetry. I’d like to ‘shelve that project’, yet I know we must make a decision soon.

Son Steve dropped by just as we were locking up the place at 3:30. He brought coffee for Doc, so Doc was happy. I was not because they spent 30 minutes chitchatting when I was trying to leave. Finally I got both of them working on those lawn shed shelves.

We needed one additional shelf and more track, so we went shopping at a different Home Depot. They did not carry that size shelving. I did find a penny there. (Coin #3). So we returned to the Home Depot from this morning. Got the additional shelf and more track. Got to the van and realized we had a 6 ft. shelf vs. the 8 ft we needed. (We are both really tired today). Back into the store to stand in the exchange line for the return. Frustrating! I was about ready to ‘shelve that project’.

We are coming to the close of Phase Four of the seven phases: Designing, Approvals, Funding, Construction, Cleaning and Preparing, Moving In, Living there.

Total: 3 Coins 2 U.S. Pennies + 1 Denmark 10 ORE

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