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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day #1,191 - Clivia Delivered

Doc and I had determined that we wanted some Clivia plants along the driveway at the Penny Palace (Sentimental attachments from a previous visit by Shirlee from Australia). So earlier this week Doc and I looked at the local nursery as well as Home Depot. We found a few plants, but did not like the size, quality or price.

Last year when I used to go for neighborhood walks, I noticed there was one yard down the street which had quite a number of mature Clivia with gorgeous blooms. So I walked down there to ask the people if they might want to ‘thin out’ their garden. They were not home at the time so I left a note on their door. Brenda called back saying, “Sure! How many do you want?” She then said she would have their gardener dig up the plants and her son would deliver them to us! So tonight Doc and I arrived home to find a dozen plants, nicely potted and ready for transport to the Penny Palace. Talk about manifesting. Can’t ask for better than that.


The day was spent at my Father’s House celebrating his 75th Birthday and Easter (a little early). The children hunted for plastic filled eggs and had a great time.

On the way home we made a quick stop at a 7-11 store - Doc for coffee and my mom and I for some bottled waters. After much searching I finally found one coin at the gas pumps. Upon returning to the van, I opened the passenger door for my mom and almost stepped on a penny. Perhaps that one was intended for her? Doc came out of the store with his coffee and his penny. (Coins #1-3)


Can’t seem to go a day without being at the Penny Palace, thus we made a quick detour there. Phantom Plumber had struck. He had connected the prep sink faucet, the clothes washer, dryer, main sink faucet, garbage disposers, water filter, dishwasher and cooktop. Great progress.

There was evidence that the Landscape crew was also on site today. Dirt and rocks were moved at the front of the house. I did not go in the back yard to see what had been done there.

This evening I spent a little time cleaning and sorting containers in the garage. Getting ready for the move one little step at a time …

Total: 3 Pennies

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