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Monday, March 19, 2012

Day #1,186 - V.A.V.

Today Concrete Rick stopped by to check on things. The ground is pretty wet. In some areas where we had laid plastic, the standing water was 4-5” deep. Each time over the past year when Rick has been on site, he has given advice or said something of value to us. Today I realized - he provides Value Added Visits! It made me wonder if I provide Value Added Visits when I interface with other people? Do they walk away thinking they are glad for our time together?


It is the last day of winter and the hills were covered with snow. This morning on the way to the Penny Palace Doc stopped for a coffee and I didn’t find any coins.

When Doc went for lunch, he collected a penny, so he had his coin for the day. (Doc #1).

At the Penny Palace, three guys were working in the front yard and grouting the flagstone on the pathway. The path is now complete.

In the back yard, three landscaping guys were working on the stream. They were digging up one of the three 50 gallon storage barrels and replacing it with a 310 gallon tank. That is intended to increase the stream flow rate. In doing so, they also discovered that the tank had been leaking! Hopefully that will take care of the problems in the lower half of the stream. In the upper half of the stream a leak was discovered in the auto fill pump housing and the float was not at the correct level. In a few days we hope to have the waterfall flowing strongly the way it was intended to flow.

I worked on several minor projects, like laying out the score lines on the driveway, caulking the cooktop backsplash, sealing grout on the counter tiles, installing cabinet knobs, etc.

At 2:30 Doc and I left the Penny Palace. He had a 3 p.m. eye appointment for his annual check up. As we were stopped at a red light and preparing to make a left turn he said, “I think that might have been a penny a few feet back in the median.” The light was a stale red and there were cars behind us, so he didn’t pursue it. Suddenly he exclaimed, “#### there is a quarter out there!” He put the van in park, engaged the emergency brake, unleashed his seat belt, unlocked the doors and dove for the coin. It was quite an impressive maneuver. Penny Finding - a new Olympic Sport! He was back in his seat and fully ready when the traffic signal turned green. (Doc Coin #2).

When we arrived at the eye doctor, Doc noted that I would need to drive home (his pupils were to be dialated), but that I’d better stop somewhere to look for MY coin for today. When we walked into the clinic, Doc got in line to check in. There was a penny on the floor underneath a welcome banner! There was no obvious or ‘logical’ reason for a coin to be in that spot! Thank You Penny Angels.

Total: 3 Coins P (2), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = $0.27

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